Bodymaitre / 5 Points Karmic Healing with Justin Chan

Reconnect with your inner self and clearing out the "energetic blockages" - physical, mental, emotion, spiritual body with Justin Chan.



Abundance Exchange:
RM300 - RM400 per session


What is BodyMaitre?

BodyMaitre is a system that utilizes a set of divination tools like pendulum and ‘divination maps’ to help us understand the whats and whys of our challenges in every areas of our lives.

The BodyMaitre Charts consist of the Four Bodies - Physical, Mental, Emotion and Spiritual Body. From the series of charts, clients are able to identify and clear any negative and discordant energies, limiting, disempowering negative beliefs and programming that constantly block them from expressing their highest potential.

The dowsing may reflect a Journey of Self Discovery and Self Awareness, the patterns or energies that are holding us back from manifesting our true potentials.


What is 5 Point Karmic Relationship Reading?

This reading is for those who are currently experiencing intense relationship challenges with their loved one and family members and would like to gain clarity of a bigger picture on what is actually happening on the karmic level. It will be able to assist you to identify what are the energies holding between the parties in the 'game plan'. The purpose of the reading is to assist you to better understand what causes the conflict in terms of energy and how you can better handle the relationship by changing the level of consciousness.

5 points reading includes:

  1. Past lives karmic roles (if applicable)
  2. Number of Past lives involved (if applicable)
  3. Lessons that are already learned in the present stage of life or from the past
  4. Unfinished Lessons and energy that are brought forward from the past that are affecting the relationship currently 

Discover ways to cultivate a positive mind-set and emotions towards the parties involved and how to learn through grace.

About Justin Chan

Justin Chan personal pic

Justin Chan started his spiritual journey in 2011, which is the turn point of his life to fulfil his soul’s mission and purpose. He is attuned to Usui Reiki, Unified Cosmic Energy and is a certified Theta Healing Practitioner. He works closely with Archangel Metatron and the Goddess Kuan Yin to bring clarity in his work.

Through BodyMaitre, he assists others in finding the energies or patterns that are holding a person’s own development to ensure that the highest potential is realized. 

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