Goddess Intuitive Session with Jennifer Lim

Reignite your connection to the divine power of the Goddesses with Jennifer Lim through oracle cards, crystals, goddness channeling & meditation.


Abundance Exchange:

400 / USD$ 100 per hour

Reignite your connection to the divine power of the Goddesses using divination tools such as:

Essential oils - Young Living
Using the essential oil to support physical / emotion / mental / spirtual body - to heal and to connect to your inner wisdom.

Oracle decks 
Pick one of the decks that "connects" to you from the Goddesses, Angels, Fairies, Tarot, Path of Soul, Sacred Animals to Love Angels - to help you uncover the guidance, inspiration and messages from the divine in response to your situation.

Receive this divine gift of the mineral kingdom by allowing the pure and unique vibration carried within them to help you align, prevent or correct imbalances in you.

Goddess channeling & guided meditation 
Allow the 'Goddess touch' where Jennifer connects you energetically to the Matrix of the Goddesses, a space where the Goddesses through her voice will guide you through either a meditation, hands on healing or simply giving you a piece of message from the Goddesses themselves.

This session will reconnect and awaken you to your divine feminine in combination to your divine masculine forming the divine union within you. As you usher in the Androgynous Flow of Oneness you will connect to the passionate inspiration and original creativity within you.

As the Goddesses reawaken they are calling many of their children to return to their path of service/soul contract. Been feeling a little "lost" or "confused" lately? Just don't know what is right or wrong anymore? Come and discover your true flow of destiny in the matrix of love and abundance. Let the Goddess's golden light shine into your path and bring back all the magic to your life and discover the real gold within you!


About Jennifer Lim


Jennifer is the founder of Lifeworks Venture, Malaysia. Born and bred in Penang, and returned to the island after graduating from an Australian university she decided to walk the path of self-realization. Over the past years she devoted much of her time and energy in studying about energy work, spirituality and metaphysical subjects.

She started the Goddess Work Path in the year 2004, when she receives her first channeling message from Kuan Yin.

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