Aroma Foot Massage by Justin

Physically tired? Lack of sleep? Water retention? Come and pamper your body through your feet with a relaxing foot massage. 

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Abundance Exchange:

RM68 - 75 mins session

RM88 - 90 mins session

RM108 - 120 mins session



Aroma Foot Massage

Physically tired? Lack of sleep? Water retention?

Come and pamper your body through your feet with a relaxing foot massage. 

As our feet has reflective zone representing our internal organs, when we massage our feet, we are actually giving our internal organs a “massage”.
A foot massage helps to Increase our body circulation, balancing our meridians and our hormones (reduces our cortisol levels too),

In the aroma foot massage, you can choose which therapy you like to focus on -

  • Hormonal Balancing
    Essential Oil used - Myrtle, Lemongrass, Frankincense

  • Lymphatic Circulation
    Essential Oil used - Juniper and Aroma Siez

  • Relaxation
    Essential Oil used - Lavender and Lemongrass

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About Justin Chan


Born and bred in Penang, Justin came from a humble background where he became a certified Aesthetician. Although he consider himself a dynamic person, he is equally blessed with a pair of healing hands that have helped many people.
Having a passion for holistic & alternative therapies (nutrition), he started his journey in his early 20’s as a reflexologist and a body massage therapist. Learning through experience and under different mentorship, he master his trade and focuses on deep tissue massage and reflexology.
With his growing interest in holistic therapies – where he stumble upon the healing effectiveness of aromatherapy, his interest in aroma therapy expanded where he incorporates it in his therapies.
When he started his journey with Lifeworks, his knowledge on Aromatherapy expanded by, using kinesiology and pendulum dowsing as tools and methods – a biofeedback method to engage the suitable oil, food, medicine and usage.
To know more – you can whatsapp him at +6016-415 3332 for more info or book an appointment with you for more info.

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