Edward Tan - Regression

Looking for a root cause of the problem? Are you walking in circles? Come and Find out the Root Cause of your Life and find a solution with Regression.

Edward Tan

Edward Tan -  Regression Therapy
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange: RM800 per hour



Regression Therapy honours the holistic principle that a person’s repeated illness or cycled behavior which determine that person’s success or failure in life reflects a deeper emotionally charged issue. 


Regressions therapy can also frequently uncover deficits and provide information as to why you may suffer physically or mentally. This comes to include panic attacks, guilt feelings, and fear of loss, listlessness, diseases, lack of self-confidence, allergies, phobias, and relationship problems of every type.

Some of these conditions have anchored themselves in your subconscious even though their cause may lie in a different time where they were or should have been resolved long ago.

Once the love and peace has been anchored into your body, mind and soul – it will reignite and bring you back to your own Divine alignment and power.

After the session, you will understand why clearing your past unaware traumas and emotional wounds is so important. It is the first step to transform your unsatisfactory life.

What you can achieve in this private session:

  • To have a breakthrough in your life pursuit.
  • To gain new insight and approaches to problems that have existed for a long time.
  • To overcome repeating the same behavioral patterns and mistakes that cause you chronic pain in all area of life.
  • To become one with yourself and be healthy, optimistic, and happy.

About Edward Tan


Edward Tan has been involved the healing arts for the past 21 years. For the past 10 years in UK, he ministers to 2 supports groups – drugs recovery and overcoming depression. He also does QiGong Massage and Energy Healing in the past.

His ultimate passion in life is to raise human consciousness so that one does not need to struggle in life be it financially, emotionally, mentally or physically. He does not believe one is born just to survive but thrive and having a life true to oneself, off course one must have the knowledge in order to do so.

As a coach who struggled in depression and suicidal thoughts before, he managed to overcome the challenges and found the success & peace within during his lowest point. As he reflected back, he finally understood whatever had happened has a purpose – it is a calling to let us know who we are and what have been ordained for us.

Edward strongly believes that one is able to self-master all aspects of life by understanding the life principles of the body, soul and spirit.

He is currently conducting a series of courses to raise human consciousness, so that one is able to have a happy, healthy, prosperous and lively life.

As a Therapist – he is currently offering Quantum Code Therapy, Regression Therapy, Trauma Therapy and Private Counselling for those who are stuck and need a jump start.