Owen Chow (Hong Kong) - Wellness Talk, Dorne Spine Improvement Course, Dowsing Workshop

Owen Chow

Owen Chow - Engineer & Geobiologist
8th - 12th August 2018
Workshop & Seminars
Plus some Interesting Application of Dowsing
8th August 2018, Wednesday
7.30pm to 9.30pm
Wearing Spectacles or LASIK — You still have a better choice.
9th August 2018, Thursday
7.30pm to 9.30pm



Radiation – Its Harm & Prevention
Plus some Interesting Application of Dowsing

8th August 2018 - Wednesday
7.30pm to 9.30pm
Abundance Exchange: RM 50


There are many forms of radiation - from the nuclear radiation which happen in Fukushima Japan, which the same radiation that can be found in hospitals and even in the dental clinics, to the high frequency radiation emitting from our WiFi, cordless phones, microwave ovens and mobile phones, to our electrical appliances in our own home which emits low frequency radiation.

Dowsers on the other hand are aware of the existence of underground water veins, the earth faults, the magnetic grids of the earth.

There is an unknown type of radiation which emits from our plastic or iron objects at certain low energy points in a home – it can lead to cancer in 1 year. During the seminar – there will be demonstration of this effect,  using their clothes and everyday objects on their body.

Some furniture will also be used in the demonstration - so you are able to learn how to make a wise and better decision in buying  the right furniture for their home and office.

There are will be various ways of measurement be shown – with or without instrument. Besides this, understanding the harms radiation brings, preventive methods will also be taught without prior technical knowledge.

Lots of us wants to know how their health and career can be benefit from dowsing. During the seminar, every audience will be shown its practical application specific to his/her profession.

The seminar is suitable for everybody who wants to lead a better life – in their health and career. No prior knowledge on dowsing or technical knowledge is required to understand the context of the seminar.

Even professional dowsers will find something interesting ( e.g. plastic radiation) as they have never heard it before. Many societies in Asia have found that this seminar very intriguing and it has aroused the interest of both new and old members.


How to Regain Prefect Vision
Wearing Spectacles or LASIK —You still have a better choice

9th August 2018 - Thursday
7.30pm to 9.30pm
Abundance Exchange: RM 50


As our Eyes is the Window of our Soul - yet some of us are suffering from different types of eye disorder – nearsightedness / farsightedness / astigmatism and others.

While using contact lenses has its risk and side effects, alternatively some might consider LASIK (Laser Eye Surgery) as a solution - but they are surprised that some doctors (ophthalmologist) or optician who recommended the procedures are wearing their glasses.

How do you improve your eyesight using naturally - which you can achieve annual reduction of 3.00 SPH / 3 diopter (laymen 300 degrees), thus improving your nearsightedness / farsightedness / astigmatism?

By increasing the oxygen circulation percentage in our eyes, our eyesight will improve naturally.

Examples – massage techniques: tapping method, gentle kneading, acupressure points, breathing exercise, reflection exercise etc..

Once your eyesight is improved - your health will automatically improve without facing any difficulties reading the time.

By being able to observe the rise & fall of sun, being able to see clearly the smile on your baby’s / grandchild’s face – brings the tear of joy & the happiness within is beyond words can express.

Once we have prefect vision, we will only realised how much time has pass by – for been able to observe clearly the faces of our parents, how much fine lines and wrinkles has put on their face, greying of their hair, with a pair of healthy eyes.

By being thankful & grateful with our new vision – thus it with ignite our inspiration, giving us hope & strength to leads us to a better life, inspiring & creating new dreams and new ideas.


How to achieve Holistic Healthy by Dowsing

10th August 2018- Friday
7.30pm to 9.30pm
Abundance Exchange: RM 50


Holistic health is defined as the wellness of the body, mind and soul. There are several parameters to measure the body, such as the functioning level of each organ and body part.

By comparing the average level or benchmarks, we can know how each organ and body part are functioning. This can be done by measuring the skin resistance of the reflection zone of the corresponding organ or body part.

As for the mind and soul – dowsing is based on someone’s ( existing or deceased) functional index which is chosen as 100%. The absolute measurement of this percentage on this scale is not so important, but the relative changes of the historical values would show improvement or downgrading on their mind and soul parameter.

One can devise a varies of methods on how to improve mind & soul parameters by measuring (by dowsing or using instruments) its effectiveness. After a certain period of time, they are able to recheck their progress and if necessary, refine their research for further improvement.

There are actually several influencing factors that one has to measure e.g. food, drinks, rest, exercise, body structure, teeth, environment, emotion, subconscious, entities in /on the body - by using a scale of 0 to 10 - to check how are these factors affecting their body, mind and soul.

If a certain factor is found to be very significant, they research several levels deeper to find the sub-factors which are contributing to the main factor.

After these factors and or subfactors has been improved, they can check again to see or reconfirm how the levels of these factors and subfactors affecting his holistic health.

Many patients have regained their health by using this techniques - as it goes to the roots of the problems.

By eliminating all possible factors – one can be reassured that they have a speedier recovery and restoring the health & wellness of the body , mind and soul


This seminar is suitable for everyone who is interested in holistic health. For all medical, health and wellness practitioners, this is a very powerful tool to supplement his own method which is often one sided , due to the necessity of specialisation.

However, he can refer the patients to the specialists in the needed field to help. As a leader in the search of all factors affecting the holistic health of his patients, he gains a better insight of the health situation of his patient and can control the progress with the help of other specialists


Dieter Dorn
Spine Improvement Course (Module I to IV)

11th August 2018 - Saturday


Entire Course
Abundance Exchange: RM 250

Each Individual Modules (I to IV)
Abundance Exchange: RM 65

i) Cervical spine, thoracic spine, scapula
11.30 a.m. to 1.30p.m.

ii) Arms, Lower back (lumbar)
2.30pm to 4.30pm

 iii) Pelvic bone, thigh
5.00pm to 7.00pm

 iv) Knee, calf, ankle.
8.00pm to 10.00pm


Course / Module Outline

  1. Relationship between the spine and the internal organs
  2. The principle of the alignment of the spine
  3. Learn some basic self-help methods that help others without any risk
  4. How to check if the spinal alignment is correct
  5. Dorn method of spinal corrective technique

Dieter Dorn’s spinal corrective method – it does not involve any medication or surgery as it’s a hands-on workshop.

This workshop is suitable for all ages including the elderly & children of all ages without any worries of any possible side effects.

This corrective technique is able reduces any spinal nerve compression and muscular tension of the affected area, thus the source of pain is eliminating.

It takes only 3-5 minutes of exercise each a day to maintain and strengthen our spine.

The course is divided into several modules – to make it easier for you to master the techniques.

In this course – you will learn all the basic fundamentals that you can improve your health by having a balanced & healthy spine. Furthermore, you will learn a variety of techniques - how you can heal yourself or others, with 0% risk and no harm done, even though you have not reach full mastery.

By end of the day – not only you will save on your medical expense, at the same time you are able to lead a healthy life. 


Learn how to Dowse with the Dowsing Rod
Beginners & Intermediate
(Outdoor Activity)

12th August 2018- Sunday

Dowsing Rod (Beginners Class)
9.30 a. m.– 12.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM 125


Dowsing Rod (Intermediate Class)
2.00 p. m.– 4.00 p.m.
Abundance Exchange: RM 125

(You need to enrolled in the beginners class)

Dowsing Rod (1 pair RM 225)


Course / Module Outline

  • Understanding the function and how to use a dowsing rod
  • Learn how to measure your own and others energy field
  • Learn how to detect groundwater veins & determine its location and its size
  • Earth Grid: Learn how to determine the Hartmann Grid which Hartmann lines runs (North – South) & Curry lines (East & West)
  • Learn how to use dowsing rod to location geopathic stress lines, underground water veins – which will impact your home and health.


Dowsing Rod (Beginners Class)owenchowimg05
9.30 a. m.– 12.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM 125

In this beginners’ class – you will learn how to master the art of dowsing based on your own level of sensitivity.

You will then proceed to learn how to measure your own energy field, following by measuring others energy field, the energy level of a place, residences and finally probing for underground water veins.


Dowsing Rod (Intermediate Class)

2.00 p. m.– 4.00 p.m.
Abundance Exchange: RM 125

(You need to enrolled in the beginners class)

This is intermediate class, you will learn:

  • Earth Grid: How to determine the Hartmann Grid which Hartmann lines runs (North – South) & Curry lines (East & West)
  • Finding high and low energy points.
  • Using the dowsing rod to tap into your subconscious, finding answers & solutions - which the movement of the dowsing rod co-relates with our physical sensitivity.

About Owen Chow


Owen Chow is the first person in Asia to study in the Germany as a geological biologist. He is proficient in many different languages and his main interest are - natural therapies, different spiritual modalities / healing, martial arts.

After spending many years in observing his own intuition and analyzing his body responses, he was able to use his skill to assist different mineral mining companies (Gold, Coal) to locate the vault lines / areas which contains the maximum yield. His skill has render a great value to many companies around the world e.g. Canada, Indonesia, China and others.

Owen looks forward to share all his knowledge and make his knowledge available to the general public.