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Introductary Talk - Spiritual Counselling
with NLP & Hypnosis by Aaron Ang

(New Lifeworks Resident Practitioner)


Introductory Talk

Free Preview - 29th December 2017, 2.30p.m.

Available Hours
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange
RM 300 (60 mins to 90 mins)



What is Spiritual Counselling?


Aaron's approach would start by using various diagnostic tools and sets of questions to assess the client's issues.

Upon the assessment, Aaron would utilise either hypnosis/NLP or both to aid the individual to connect with their higher conscious to understand the roots of the problem. In some cases, regression would also be utilised if the core problem was from a past life or a time where the individual's conscious mind is yet to develop (such as infant/inside womb).

By using NLP/Hypnotic suggestions, Aaron could help individual to strengthen their mindset in handling issues. Feng Shui methodology may also be incorporated to enable individual to tap into the positive energy at home.

  • Does not emphasise on channeling, trance or psychic visions.
  • Encourage individual to connect to their subconscious mind / higher self.
  • Utilise regression to find the root cause of issues (if not present at current lifetime/awareness).
  • Implementing suggestions via hypnotherapy to help strengthen the individual's mindset.
  • Use Feng Shui as a cure if necessary. (such as placement of bed in bedroom or desk arrangement at workplace).

Please Call to arrange an appointment to avoid disappointment.

About Aaron Ang


Aaron Ang is a certified hypnotherapist and life-coach from Penang. Aaron graduated from the United Kingdom with a degree in Criminology and a postgraduate degree in Criminal Investigation. Upon graduation, he returned to Penang to pursue a counselling career.

Coming from a family background connection with various healers, spiritual masters and channels from all over the world, Aaron has been involved in various spiritual work. Since his university days, he was highly involved in research on how metaphysical subjects/taboos have influenced modern society. Thus, he is also a practitioner of Feng Shui.

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