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Business with Advance Course in Miracle
Tham Chee Wah
20th November 2014


Abundance Exchange: RM30

7.30 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. (Begin Meditation at 7.30pm)

This is a big claim indeed

What if it is true in business, sales and leadership...
What success rates would you have in closing sales?
How would your team attain excellence?

If thoughts are things, then this idea is real and achievable. All we need is a practical guide to learn it.

ACIM is a self-study daily lessons to right-mindedness thinking. This is the other way you have been seeking. Now is a good time to learn to exercise your abilities to create good happy thoughts to start generating successful opportunities.

All you are asked to do is to change your mind, this instance!

About Tham Chee Wah


Chee Wah is a Content Consultant, Speaker and Author. In 2001, he joined the Novitiate Program as a Buddhist monk with the objective to understand the balance of body, mind and soul. A few years later, he came across A Course In Miracles and started a journey of self discovery by reading two pages of the text each day and practiced the 365 lessons from the Workbook for Student.

Committing to a discipline, one day, two pages and one lesson, he managed to complete the Course in one year. To have a deeper understanding, he started from page one all over again. Since 2005, he continues to read the Course regularly.

By request, he starts to share the principles from the book and practices its philosophy of rightmindedness thinking. Opportunities knocked. Doors opened. He was invited to speak at many seminars and began to share his thoughts of doing business without worries. In 2008, he penned his thoughts and authored the book Invite Freedom Home - Creating A Meaningful Life and Live Life with Passion. The book is the #1 Bestseller on Popular Bookstores Self-Enrichment category.

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