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Date: 14th (Sunday) - 16th (Tuesday)April 2013

What is Essential Oil & Its Benefits
Acupressure & Essential Oils
Meditation with Essential Oils
Raindrop Therapy Demonstration

By Chua Hong Leong & Chua Hong Ling

Meditation with Essential Oil
16th April 2013 (Tuesday)
Date: 16th April 2013
Time: 7.30p.m. - 9.30p.m.
Abundance Exchange: RM66


Hong Leong introduces tried and tested techniques centering upon the senses to kick-start your body's innate ability to de-stress and unwind.

Come and experience Hong's unique combination of Young Living Essential oils and Tibetan meditation techniques.

About Chua Hong Leong


An international holistic teacher and healer with over 30 years of experience, Hong Leong is trained in meditation, QiGong and Acupressure since young. In 2008, he completed 2 diplomas in Australia - Diploma in Remedial Massage and Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies.

Combining practical healing skills with a deep knowledge, Hong Leong assists people in the healing of their physical and the subtler bodies of emotion, mind, energy and spirit.

Sensitive to energies, he transforms the duality of Yin and Yang into Oneness through the framework of the 5 Elements. He adopts a systematic approach on the Multi-Dimensional Body: Cleanse, Purify, Release, Align, Attune, Activate, Awaken, Integrate, Mastery.

With 15 years of Management Consultant experience with the top consulting companies, Hong combines technical expertise with practical solutions for his clients.

Hong Leong is especially inspired by the words of Mahatma Gandhi - "Be the change you want to see in the world"

About Chua Hong Ling


Hong Ling works with a kind and compassionate heart. She believes in empowering people with wellness, vitality and knowledge to create the transformations in their lives.

Born as a gifted channeler and energetic therapist, she delivers pertinent readings and energy healings to those seeking clarity in their life purposes, issues with work or career, health ailments, emotional and mental issues on relationships.

She left her full-time corporate role as a non-practicing Certified Public Accountant in 2010 to be of service. Her specialties include energy healing and amplifying the healing effects of various modalities such as acupressure and raindrop technique with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

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