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~ Flower of Life with Pastel ~

Private Session
~ Aroma Hand Fab ~
~ Ear Fab ~
~ N.A.T (Neuro Auricular Technique) ~
~ Rose Drop ~

6th February 2015 - 10th February 2015


Flower of Life with Pastel

Date & Time: 6th February 2015, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
8th February 2015, 1p.m. - 3p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM100

Note: Maximum 4 person each class


Are you interested in drawing the sacred geometry "Flower of Life"?

Don't worry if you're not good at drawing, I'll teach you how todraw it beautifully!

What is "Flower of Life"?

According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, all living things are created based on the Flower of Life pattern, and our Creator created us using this image as well.

It is also said that we subconsciously know and recognize this sacred geometry as it is encoded deeply in our physical body.

Various aspects of all living beings as well as mathematical formulas, laws of physics, musical harmonics, works of life, atomic and molecular patterns of living creatures, etc. are encompassed in the "Flower of Life".

It may look complex, but I will guide you so you can draw it properly.

Let's create your one and only Flower of Life art together!


Aroma Hand Fab

Private Session
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange:
Basic RM100 Advanced RM200 Luxe RM100


What is Aroma Hand Fab?

AROMA HAND FAB is hand care therapy developed by Japanese crystal worker, Takako Terasawa, founder of Crystal Wisdom. It combines the wisdom of plants and crystals and will remove negative energies by working on finger and joints with therapeutic grade essential oils and crystals. It is a very simple hand care therapy but works very powerfully beyond hands. It is especially good for people who are seeking both spiritual and material abundance. It consists of four levels of sessions; basic, two types of advanced, luxe. Basically basic is for detox, advanced is for transformation and awaken, luxe is for abundance.

The most valuable benefit that you could receive during the basic session is the ability to create a new space within yourself, family and friends - by removing or eliminating old energies in your cellular level. This will help you to be ready to receive new energy that could create the new you. It will help you in removing the blockage from the era of Atlantis.


Ear Fab

Private Session
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange:
RM100 (30 minutes)

What is Ear Fab?


Ear Fab is an activation therapy by initiation developed by Japanese crystal worker, Takako Terasawa, founder of Crystal Wisdom.

By booking a Ear Fab private session, you will energetically receive the healing of Ear Fab from the crystal towards your chakras and your auric field.

Through Ear Fab, you will experience:

  • An improvement in your abilities, such as intuition, luck, and leadership, which would make your soul happy, can be expected.
  • Activation and improvement of your psychic abilities

* Prerequisite - Participants need to attend to Aroma Hand Fab Workshop first before attending this workshop.

* Please bring your Aroma Hand Fab crystal ball.


Neuro-Auricular Technique

Private Session
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange:


What is Neuro-Auricular Technique?

Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT), an advanced form of Raindrop, is a specific upper back and neck technique (discovered by Gary Young) using essential oils to jump-start and reconnect all of the synapses of the brain and upper spine, particularly in the locus coeruleus and vagal ganglia.

The technique is applied along the occipital ridge, particularly focusing on the medullar area (center depression at base of skull) and along each vertebra of the cervical spine (the 7 vertebrae between the skull and shoulders that comprise the neck) by applying specific oils with an acu-pointer.

The locus coeruleus is a mass of more than 1000 nerves at the base of the brain, highly pigmented as a bluish bundle of nerves. Hence, its name: "Locus" means "location". "Coeruleus" means "sky blue".

The locus coeruleus is the central switching station of the body.

Every nerve impulse controlling our voluntary muscles as well as our organs passes through this master control station. A principal purpose of NAT is to make sure this vital nerve junction is fully functioning along with the rest of the brain. Another purpose of NAT is to fully awaken and restore full capacity to the locus coeruleus and vagal ganglion at the base of the brain and to connect all of the synapses of the brain and upper spinal cord, thus creating an environment that facilitates optimal health, healing, and bodily function.

It is a very potent therapy that Dr. Gary Young discovered to have very profound healing effects - in particular with Parkinson's, other neurological disorders, depression, sustained stress disorders and other mental and physical health states.


Rose Drop

Private Session (60 mins)

By Appointment

Abundance Exchange: RM300

Suggestion: Its best to do a Raindrop Session before Rosedrop to Align the Body.

What is Rose Drop


"Rose drop" is a treatments to unleashing the divine feminine and awakening the goddess using the essential oils of Young Living's therapeutic grade.

The treatment will use luxurious oil of 18 or more, such as jasmine and rose.

When you awaken and transformed into goddess, more abundance will flow and the world will be full of great love.



While in her early 20's, Asami had a busy and often stressful life working as a model for magazine and TV commercials. The hours of work were long and the days physically and mentally demanding. To restore her body and replenish her energy, she turned to yoga. Over the years, she steadily developed a practice that restored balance to her life. In 2006 she completed a Yoga Alliance-certified 500-hour program. Among her most important teachers are Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.

Nowadays Asami teaches yoga full time in Tokyo, focusing on vinyasa flow classes. In her experience, the beauty of yoga arises from the heart. As a teacher, she hopes to share the sense of wonder, happiness and good health she has discovered through the practice of yoga.

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