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Level 1 Workshop

Date: 20 August (FRI)
Time: 11.00am - 7.00pm
Energy Exchange: RM 500.00*


Belvaspata, in the language of the Mother Goddess, means 'healing of the heart'.

It is a sacred modality that heals with light and frequency. It is the healing modality for the new frequencies within the cosmos that takes into consideration the cosmic changes that occurred in August 2006.

“This sacred healing method is a gift from the Creator Goddess to the cosmic races to accommodate the changes (in the laws of physics governing all existence) that occurred in August 2006, when all life ascended into a new Creation!”

The most basic assumptions on which healers of all modalities have based their methods changed overnight.

“In the past, opposite energies attracted and healing energies gravitated towards diseased energies. Now, they reject each other.


Healers can now utilize light and frequency to dispel the illusion of disease, since under the changed cosmic laws, their opposites attract.

During Belvaspata sessions, light will be drawn to illusion (to dispel it) while frequency will be drawn to distortion (to correct it).

“Healing is but the removal of illusion and distortion.”

Belvaspata heals as the light and frequency of the sacred sigils are drawn to where they are most needed.


While the primary purpose of previous cycles of existence was to seek perception (which is mind-oriented), the one we have entered has a different purpose.

“This new Cycle challenges us to fulfill one primary purpose: to create through the heart.”

The body of knowledge which is Belvaspata is a gift from the Creator Goddess / Infinite Being that we may fulfill the new purpose of life.

“It is here to help us create health, joy and happiness through the heart.”


Feel uplifted and supported as pure emotions flood your being with Love, Trust, Peace and Inspiration throughout your day

Experience well-being on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual

Healing on a deeper level, the core of your being

Receive insights of greater perception, awareness and more clarity in your life

Restore imbalances in the body

Transform all forms of dis-ease in your body to perfection and health by eliminating them at their root

Even if you feel healthy, you may have a feeling that something is missing in your life. By receiving Belvaspata healing, you can receive great benefits that will make you feel more fulfilled in your life!


All practitioners must be initiated before they can practise Belvaspata because their bodies must be prepared before they can work with the higher frequencies of Belvaspata.


Level I - connects the initiate to the soul group they represent. A Level I Initiate can use all Level I sigils (Sigils of Love)

Level II - connects the initiate to the planetary grid. Each time a Level II practitioner uses Belvaspata, it affects all humanity through his/her connection to the grid. A Level II Initiate can use all Level II sigils (Sigils of Light) and below.

Master Level - removes illusion, connecting the Master to the cosmic grid*. A Master can use all Master sigils and below and initiate others up to Master Level.

Grand Master Level - affects the spiritual emotional, spiritual mental and spirit bodies of all. It is the level to prepare for immortality of the body, as it releases new hormones and opens higher capacities of the endocrine system. It also clears the cosmic pathways and removes old programming of suffering as it connects the initiate with assistance from the highest levels within the cosmos. A Grand Master can use all Grand Master sigils and below and initiate others up to Grand Master Level.


Level 1
You will receive the following:
- Understand the premise and fundamentals of Belvaspata
- Understand the difference between Symbols and Sigils. Knowing how to use Sigils.
- Learn updated ways of healing - that is to view the client as ONE, rather than separate
- Meditation Journeys for harmonization of frequencies, Expansion of Self into the Infinite
- Internalization of 12 Pairs of Emotions to prepare the body for Initiation
- Initiation into Level 1 Practitioner Level
- Learn how to set the space for healing
- Learn how to utilize the different Level 1 sigils, and Common Sigils for different purposes
- Learn how to perform in-session and absent / distant healing sessions
- Learn how to properly close a session
- Receive and experience healings on yourself
- How to properly close / end a healing session


belvaspataJennifer is the founder of Lifeworks Venture, Malaysia. Born and bred in Penang, and returned to the island after graduating from an Australian university she decided to walk the path of self-realization. Over the past years she devoted much of her time and energy in studying about energy work, spirituality and metaphysical subjects.

She is inspired by Mark Twain's belief that "twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did!" With that in mind she follows her heart and lives for the moment

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