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BodyMaitre 2 Days Intensive

31st January 2015, Saturday - 1st February 2015, Sunday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM1800

**Early Bird** before 17th January 2015, thereafter RM2400

[ Fees include - 2 Full Days of classes, charts & Understanding BodyMaitre & Pendulum Attunement class]


Question: One year from today, will you be still stuck in the same situation you are in now? If you do, we can probably predict that by then you will be frustrated and your self-confidence will be undermine.

Question: Are you now standing where you at are from the year before? If you are - step out of it. You must no longer allow yourself to go the years, months, weeks, days or even hours in those conditions and missing out on the time you could have used to achieve your goals and lived your dreams!

Allow Body Maitre to show you the Process of Transformation!!

Learn how to integrate your four-body system to transform any blocks into positive outcomes.

Do you feel that you have done a lot of spiritual clearing & healing works but it just seem like it is coming back again and again?

Are you having difficulties to ground your spiritual works and services into earthly life?

In this 2 days BodyMaitre Workshop, we will be using a set of over 80 four-body pendulum charts and pendulum to identify what are the physical or metaphysical reasons blocking us to move forward with the guidance of Archangel Metatron and Angelic forces.

This workshop focuses on the positive and loving energy in the circle of life. What goes around comes around, if we are unconsciously allowing our self to express negative within the inner world, it will naturally be reflected into our life, thus the same with positive.

During the workshop, you will learn how to give your loved one, family members, colleagues, friends and yourself an energy reading to find out what are the energy within the inner and outer circle that are blocking you to achieve the desired results and goals of life in productive and positive manner in the area of spiritual, relationship, career, wealth and health development.


Find out what are the group karmic consciousness blocking you to manifest ideal results

Find out what are the inner conflicts and programming blocking you to move forward in life.

Find out how you can communicate with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Find out why your family members and loved ones behave in certain way and how you can communicate with them better.

For more information, please Click Here to download the brouchure.

About Jennifer Lim


Jennifer is the founder of Lifeworks Venture, Malaysia. Born and bred in Penang, and returned to the island after graduating from an Australian university she decided to walk the path of self-realization. Over the past years she devoted much of her time and energy in studying about energy work, spirituality and metaphysical subjects.

She started the Goddess Work Path in the year 2004, when she received her first channeling message from Kuan Yin. Ever since then she has been traveling as a Sacred Earth Keeper - her journey took her to study more about the energies of many sacred sites and powerful vortexes across the continents around the world.

Jennifer, is a co-founder of BodyMaitre and is constantly awe with the magic of self-realization brought forward through studying the modality. She enjoys watching and observing how human nature is always gravitating towards love and how by aligning our four bodies we are able to experience the emotion of love in a deeper manner.

She is inspired by Mark Twain's belief that "twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did!" With that in mind she follows her heart and lives for the moment.

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