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Chakra Balance Oil Workshop
with Cornelius Chan


Chakra Balance Oil workshop

14th December 2013, Saturday
7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM50

Inner Comfort Technique

15th December 2013, Sunday
10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM600

Each chakra in our system holds a very important energy interaction to the outside world. The common practices are to fine tune each of your chakra to reach a state of ultimate equilibrium so that you may enjoy harmony and success in relationship, career & health. A great way to achieve that is through therapeutic grade essential oils and breathing. This workshop will helped you learn how to choose the oils for each chakra, how to massage them on to these energy centres and engaging in the breathing technique to equilibrate your energy system.



We will be using the Exotic Oils Collection. 我们将使用稀有限量版精油。

1. Amazonian Ylang Ylang, Equador 亚马逊伊兰伊兰

2. Yuzu, Japan 日本柚子

3. Plectranthus Oregano, Ecuador 厄瓜多尔到手香

4. Hong Kuai, Taiwan 台湾红桧

5. Xiang Mao, Taiwan 台湾香茅

6. Bliblical Sweet Myrrh, Yemen 耶门甜没药

7. Scared Frankincense, Oman 阿曼圣乳香

About Cornelius Chan


Cornelius was originally trained as a virologist after graduating from Monash University, involved in surveillances of endemic and epidemic viruses circulating in the Asia-Pacific region. His voluntary work with people living with HIV/AIDS has inspired him to venture into more profound approaches in disease prevention and human behavioural studies. He was later trained by UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) as trainer for a worldwide programme called Community Capacity Enhancement through Community Conversation. He has also been involved in various NGOs in Malaysia for 10 years, with the experience of working with children, teenagers, senior citizens, drug users, transgender, prisoners, MSM, PLWHA, etc.

His work is based upon the eastern and western influence, integrating a wider scope of beliefs systems. He embraces an Integral Spirituality concept that allows him to understand the importance of cross cultural differences and perspectives of human consciousness in this world of increasing complexity.

He has developed workshops to take you on a journey of colour; which he termed "ColourFooL" and "Rainbow Warrior". These workshops take you into the world of colours, and its applications for self discovery, healing and raising consciousness. He has also developed a system called "Equilibrium Coaching" using various tools to facilitate soul transformation.

He is a member of International Institute of Complementary Therapist, an Aura-Soma® Level II Practitioner, Australian Bush Flower Essences Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Ripple Energy Therapy Practitioner, and Advance ThetaHealing™ Practitioner. He has also gained certification from Sophia College of Counselling in Colour and Sound Therapy, a holistic counselling approach. He obtained certificate in Clinical Hypnosis from London College of Clinical Hypnosis. He is also familiar with The Body Talk System™, Quantum Touch and Bach Flowers Remedies.

His work integrates spiritual healing approaches into psychotherapy techniques using human's natural modalities in identifying the core issues, tapping into positive resources and achieving therapeutic resonance. His approach is transformative and empowering.

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