Events> Self Discovery and Awakening with Christie Seah

Self Discovery and Awakening
with Christie Seah

18th May 2014 (Introduction)
13th June - 15th June 2014 (Workshop)




18th May 2014, Sunday

11.00 a.m. 3.00 p.m.

During the introductory talk, Christie will be sharing life changing experience and understanding of the unconscious mind, how do we suffer in life, what is does mean by spiritual awakening, how to set our relationship right, what is a Deeksha giver.


Oneness Awakening Course


13th 15th June 2014, Friday - Sunday
10.00 a.m. 6.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM1,380

The Oneness Awakening Course is designed to help people move beyond the limitations and structures of the mind.

When we are identified with the mind when we filter our experience through our past conditioning we are in fact not living, but merely existing, merely surviving.

As a result, we find that we can be stuck with repeated patterns or obstacles in life, which contributes to health issues, unsatisfying relationships or financial difficulties.

In the 3-day course, you will learn about:

  • Growth and success formula.
  • The universal principles governing the game call life.
  • Healing relationships with your parents, spouse and children.
  • Self-expansion.
  • Connecting with your Higher Self leading to greater ease and peace in life.

The programme covers:

  • Oneness teachings
  • Ancient meditation techniques
  • Healing processes
  • Physical exercises
  • Contemplations
  • Deeksha (Oneness blessing)

These exercises serve to assimilate all the knowledge given to you by making them personalized and experiential to you thus enabling you to ascend and transform within a short period of time to achieve a more relaxed and joyful state.

As a result of this course, you will experience greater ease in the area of health, wealth and relationship. Among the benefits are:

Improved relationship with father Improved financial status.
Improved relationship with mother Reduced obstacles in life.
Improved relationship with your children
Art of parenting.
Improved relationship with partner Art of listening and loving your self unconditionally.
Improved relationship with nature Acquire universal energy and improve state of health.
Improved relationship with self Expanding loving consciousness
Improved relationship with your Divine Unleashing your personal potential to create abundance, joy, love and peace in life.


About Christie Seah


Ms Christie Seah is a coach of a kind. Equipped with over 17 years of successful training and coaching experience in different countries, she has a secret weapon for every coaching or training assignment.

Thanks to her unique background and experience, thinking out-of-the-box is her natural gift. Ms Seah is a self-taught entrepreneur with a keen eye on sensing people and evaluating situation. While most kids went to school in order to learn how to copy and obey, she spent most of her time observing life in action and cultivated the ability to discern and assess. All the practicality they don't teach you at business school, she learnt it at tender age from "University of Society".

Ms Seah is naturally gravitated towards creating start-ups and building strong sales team for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). She has personally created a few successful businesses in traditional and multilevel marketing fields. She found her passion and talent in training and coaching when she trained up a team of Network Marketing force in Hong Kong.

To further pursue her career in training, she joined a multinational corporation specialized in experiential training in Hong Kong. She took up a Sales Management function with responsibilities in facilitating small group training and coaching the sales team members individually and in group. She was later being seconded back to Malaysia to help create the new branch locally.

In 1997, Ms Seah founded Frenz Learnings together with Ms Chin Lai Meng to embark on their own undertaking in transformational training and coaching. Since then, she has developed tailor-made Performance Based and Effectiveness coaching programmes. She has been coaching individuals and leaders in Malaysia, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Mexico.

In 2004, she was certified as Management Effectiveness Coach by Ideal Coaching in the US. In 2011, she was certified as Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainer by The Potential Project in Denmark. In 2014, she added to her portfolio as certified Advance Trainer by Oneness University in India. Ms Seah has designed and is the master coach of the Youth Coaching Programme - "Be a leader of your own". Having been living an exemplary life as such, she is the ideal coach for anyone who inspires to succeed, no matter what your starting point is.

As a firm believer of continuous growth and improvement in all areas of life, Ms Seah keeps venturing into different corners of the world to find inspiration and learn from the Masters. She has been to Ghana, Egypt, USA, England, India and Peru. From every trip, she brings back more to share with her clients, family and the community. In her eyes, no matter how tough the situation may seem, as long as we don't give up, there will always be better days ahead. To have success in life can be that simple.

"I just want to tell people that if I can make it, anybody can. Success is not about ability or background. My primary school teacher called me an idiot. Yes, indeed, an idiot with an enjoyable career, with a successful business, with car and properties, with good friends and business associates around the world and a family at large. So you don't have any excuse not to do better than me, do you?"