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2013 & Beyond — An Energetic Evolution



19th September 2013 — 22nd September 2013


Daniel and Ahana bridge research and wisdom of science and metaphysics to bring timely information and sessions to a wide audience through Asia and Australia. Through their website (www.sci-meta.com), the sci-meta projects and radio show, The Spirit of Science, they are in touch with leading researchers and teachers throughout the world. Their goal is to bring the information that you need right now to go through your self-healing, integration (of new energies) and transformation process to help in the evolution of your being and of your environment. The workshops/session content for Penang is as follows:

  • Assess Your Life Sessions — A 7-step transformation series that takes clients from challenges to realizing their purpose, unique skills and the creation process.
  • Crystal Energy — For Health, Abundance and Wellbeing — Through workshops and private sessions on crystal charging and programming, these interactions are geared to help you understand and harness crystal power for self-healing and changing vibrations.
  • Soul Reading and Akashic Emotional Clearing — Through workshops and private sessions, we move deep into the Akasha to retrieve information needed to clear and cleanse repetitive patterns and programs that prevent you from moving ahead in your evolution process. It also involves clearing of root cause events and contracts.

The Divine Proportion and Geometries of Phi


Photo: The Nesting of the 3 Phi Codes from Jain108


Unlock Your Secrets: A Soul Searching Session
Introduction Workshop to the Evolution Series

19th September 2013,

7.30 p.m. — 9.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM 35


Your soul wants you to unlock the secret of who you are simply because you are a powerful being with immense capacity to create the reality you want to live!

In this powerful introductory session to our series, we will explore the relationship between our body, mind, emotions and energy that helps shape our reality and then look at the process of unlocking the secret codes and capabilities that are hidden inside us. We will explore:

• Your Body as a Messenger — How do you attune to your body's messages and what is your body trying to tell you? We will search for the messages you are receiving in body at this time

• Your Mind as a Part of Your Problem and Solution — Everything that has happened (memories) in your life and everything that you think and feel have deep layers of messages for you. We look at how thoughts, memories and responses can be used as clues for your transformation

• Your Heart as Your Oracle — Through your heart, you can access answers from your subconscious and super-conscious. We will explore this phenomenon that will open up the gateway to your soul

• Balancing the 4 Elements — We explore how is the balance of the 4 elements is important to regulate your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Crystal Energy:

For Health, Abundance and Well-Being

21st September 2013

2.30 p.m. — 5.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM 155


Do you know that you are your best healer and that self-healing is the only path for permanent healing? Do you know that it is your intuition that attracts you to some crystals and some crystals to you? Are you aware that crystals can amplify your self-healing process? Do you know that you are crystalline in nature and exhibit similar properties as crystals do and your interaction with your crystals creates a very powerful synergy?

• Join us for this workshop where Daniel brings you the science behind crystal healing and Ahana shows the metaphysical power of meditating with crystals.

• We explore the powerful history of crystals, crystal healing and the importance of crystalline structure in today's world

• Find out what are the best methods to charge and program crystals and use them for specific goals and purpose, especially for self-healing

• See a live demonstration with Daniel's Tesla-inspired device that shows nature's way of amplifying crystals. In the demonstration, we amplify crystals that have properties to allow us to manifest flow of abundance and wellbeing, and bringing peace and balance and utilize them for the meditation at the end of the session.

Akashic Emotional Clearing Workshop

22nd September 2013

2.30 p.m. — 5.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM 155


Why do certain patterns repeat in our lives, causing us suffering and preventing our spiritual and personal growth? What are our dis-eases that move through our body, mind and emotions? What are the energetic blocks that prevent us to flow in balance in our lives? Even though these challenges seem deep and unyielding, they are present in your life today for a very important reason!!!

In this Akashic emotional clearing workshop, we will be engaged in identifying the learning the path to clear deep-rooted issues:

• Learn what repetitive patterns are prompting you to do â what you can learn from them

• Understand the Energy Field from the perspective of science and spirituality so it helps you connect easily with the Akashic field

• Understand the brain and heart's pathway into memories and past lives through the Akashic field

• Learn to identify root cause event that initiated the pattern in your life and past life

• Discover and clear a deep rooted pattern through a meditative process that is easy to follow and repeat after the workshop as well. With it, you can facilitate self-healing.


Private Sessions are intensive 30-90 minute sessions to facilitate powerful healing along with providing tools for you to continue self-healing work post session.

Abundance Exchange:

RM 188 for 30 mins
RM 288 for 60 mins
RM 360 for 90 mins

Assess Your Life Coaching Series with Daniel & Ahana

These 7 coaching sessions will give you results in tackling issues related to career, relationships and personal fulfillment. Explore and achieve the following: stress relief and moving away from anxiety, freedom from fear, removing mental blocks, accessing brain wave states that allow you to move into stillness and peacefulness, explore increased processing power, experience increased creativity and the power of visualization, rewire your brain and change your reality! Fee: RM288/session or RM1630 for 7, one hour sessions. Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for detailed course overview.

Akashic Emotional Clearing Session with Ahana
60 to 90 minute slots

A one-on-one session, focusing on finding and removing deep rooted issues by zeroing in on the root cause of the negative patterns, rising from childhood trauma or past life issues. This session uses meditative state to facilitate emotional clearing.

Soul Reading Sessions with Ahana
60 minute slots.

A soul or Akashic reading allows you to access all levels of your consciousness and find answers to relationship issues, past life issues, understanding and knowing your life purpose, connection to the soul and higher guidance or anything that you seek answers to now.

Radiant Energy Healing Session with Daniel & Ahana
60 to 90 minute slots

Working through the physical, mental and energetic blocks all at the same time, this is a powerful healing and clearing session! We use the Radiant energy device (bringing energy from the zero point field through the device), crystals & reprocessing tool through meditation to work at all levels of mind, body, energy.

Crystal Charging and Programming with Daniel
30 to 60 minute slots

Charge your Crystals with Radiant energy, or âchi' or âprana' through the device created by Daniel and tested with clients from Asia, Australia and North America. Daniel will also guide you through programming your crystals with the right vibration and intentions. The charged or programmed crystals can be used for self-healing or for healing sessions, if you are a practitioner. An explanation of the interaction of the energy with the crystals will be given.

Space Clearing with Daniel
60 minute slots

Clear your space, house, office or centre with the power and beauty of the Radiant Energy. Bring in pure âchi' or âprana' into the space, clear projections and discordant energies and bring your space into balance. 60 minute slots available and additional charges depending on time and distance taken travelling to the space.

Channeling with Ahana
30 & 60 minute slots

Get answers to your questions, receive a different perspective, solutions or guidance to any challenges or crossroads that you need in your life. 30 minute slots only. For 60 minute slots, please combine with soul reading sessions.

About Ahana & Daniel


Ahana and Daniel operate through The Sci-Meta Project that provides workshops, sessions, talks and research, bridging the gap between science and metaphysics. Their radio show, The Spirit of Science, featured on Inspire.FM promotes their vision. Their workshops series, Living Truth Tour and Beating with Gaia's Heart Tour have been well received across Asia and Australia. Their projects extend to various countries including Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Daniel is a scientist who is inspired by Nikola Tesla's work and has taken Tesla's work forward through experiments in the area of alternative energy and radiant energy. Ahana is a meditation teacher and author of Shifting into Tao. She teaches 3 courses on transformation/ascension called Journey to Spirit, Convergence and Transfiguration into Living Light. Together, they want to bring the wisdom of science and metaphysics in a form that people can easily use in their daily lives to create a better reality for themselves and their communities. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website at www.sci-meta.com

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