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Each time a soul incarnates and it may have done so hundreds and perhaps thousands of times it sets itself challenges that it wants to master. Sometimes those challenges have been ones that it has not been able to master in previous lifetimes, hence our tendency to experience repeat patterns in some areas of our lives. The soul accumulates positive and negative energies from the time of its creation. These energies come with us in every incarnation and the negative ones can adversely affect us, often blocking us from receiving our greatest good, health, wealth or happiness.

Over 90% of what happens to us is due to past life programming.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul (Akashic) records. This precise and exacting system of research is accomplished with the help of higher guidance (your Higher Self), and includes finding past life energies, subconscious blocks, and negative soul programming. Once identified, these blocks and negative energies can be cleared from the subconscious and the soul records, setting you free from those energies which have been holding you back and allowing you to heal yourself on all levels. SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler in the USA and has been used by thousands of students since 1988.

SRT provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live our lives more freely.

What will an SRT session entail?

Any discarnates and entities from your aura,
Any discordant energy held by the client on his/her parents, other souls not in the clients present life
Inheritance and Identification Programs (from past and present life) which are significantly impacting your life right now. In some cases research will be required as to what happened in these lifetimes as well as the discordant energies to be cleared.
Pre-programs for early death, illness, disease, accidents, financial ruin.
Any items/programs identified by the clients High Self that needs to be cleared.

Date: 28 Nov - 5 December 2011
Abundance exchange:
Initial Session (1 to 1½ hours) - RM300.00
subsequent Sessions/Follow-Up Sessions: RM150.00 per 30-minute block.

About Darreck

An experienced Reiki Teacher, Intuitive Channels, Vibration Facilitator, Spiritual Response Therapy consultant and Spiritual Restructuring teacher. He is also a teacher / founder of Soul Memories, a dowsing technique to communicate with wisdom self and Archangel Metatron to find out details story of past lives experiences.

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