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Self-Discovery & Self Awareness Workshop
with David Samuel

November 2014



Eliminating Conflict, Anger & Stress
Creating Harmony in the Workplace & at Home

16th November 2014, Sunday

12.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.


Learning Objectives

  • Significantly reduce anger, conflicts and stress
  • Attain equanimity and never feel insulted
  • Stop reacting with subjective and emotional opinions
  • Develop a permanent state of balance and calmness
  • Increase intellectual capacity, awareness and creativity
  • Improve relationships both at home and at work
  • Instil loyalty, respect and a desire to support in all relationships
  • Build a strong team environment

Course Content


  • How the mind lives in past memories and is blinded to the present situation
  • What triggers the diversion from the present to reliving the past and responding to the past rather than the present
  • Learn how to correct this misguided focus and deal with the present event objectively without personal history and fixed opinions

The Two Angers, Constructive and Destructive

  • Anger is a natural and healthy emotion which can be violently destructive when misused
  • Learn how to differentiate the productive versus destructive types of anger
  • Eliminate destructive anger and use constructive anger to attain a healthy emotional life balance which builds ENTHUSIASM, MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION for life

Indecisiveness & Inner Conflicts

  • Understand why we are often paralyzed with an inability to make the simplest decisions
  • Learn how to correct this limitation and make quick decisions
  • Resolve inner conflicts quickly and move forward without being held back


  • See how we create excuses to avoid responsibility
  • Learn how to recognize this flaw and accept responsibility for your actions
  • Become productive and find prompt solutions

Three Common Personality Types

  • Explore three common personality types
  • Discover how each type views the same situation
  • Learn how to identify our own as well as other peoples personality type and how to meld each type of opinion into a cohesive and creative solution.

Principle of Three Forces in Action

  • Active - Passive - Neutralizing
  • Discover how these three forces are present in every situation
  • Learn how to identify which force you represent, and how to take the position of the necessary force to lead the event to a productive outcome.

Decision Making

  • How to make decisions that are productive and move forward
  • Stop making decisions that keep us in an endless loop of repeated negative situations
  • Make decisions that are for the greater good rather than individual gain


  • Why do some people fear taking action
  • How a team leader can encourage forward movement rather than delaying action
  • When we do not know, we do not move

About David Samuel


David Samuel is the best kept secret in work-life balance, EQ and behavioral psychology. Eliminating, not merely containing anger, stress and conflicts is a key to his work. Catapulting into the limelight in Montreal in his early twenties through a series of remarkable business successes, a rag to riches self made millionaire by 25, garnished David a first class reputation of cutting insight.

His composure and emotional intelligence in pressured situations, along with his objective way of dealing with everybody regardless of rank, sets him apart as untouchable from emotional manipulation.

With his mother from India, Middle Eastern father and born in French speaking Montreal, Canada, David came into this world already at home with the world's major ethnicities.

David believes and has proven that; "Success is entirely reliant on the quality of one's character". It's a concept for those who have looked at the priorities of their life and discovered that character is the only thing of value by virtue of being untouchable by any kind of calamity.

Success for a business or relationship can be directly related to the mental and emotional state of the people involved. Understanding the mind and its complex nature is the key. David has the rare ability to not only live this understanding but he can communicate and teach it in an enjoyable and very unique method which improves self-esteem, fires up and maintains motivation, improves all relationships, and brings balance to anyone's life.

For a philosophy to be workable it has to embrace all socio groups and ethnicities. Such is the accessibility and universality of what David teaches. His entire teaching could be summed up as a preparation to know what to do at each moment; to become a person who is capable of making right decisions; to know when to strike in the right way in any context, with any people.

His work is in helping a person develop a total level of emotional independence in which one will never get emotionally upset, insulted or angry at anything anyone says. This is not to be confused with being closed emotionally. You need just have a conversation with David to realize his innate energy, vitality and compassion.

Author of seven books, guest speaker on several TV talk shows, course trainer at institutions in Germany, New Zealand and the USA, and publisher of more than 300 behavioral psychology articles on the web, David is a prolific writer and respected, likable public personality.

His writing and teachings express the balance and harmony he has found in melding both the international entrepreneur with personal growth, to live with happiness and success in every aspect of life.

What makes David different is that he offers clear and relevant answers to questions and problems from the perspective of what is best for the person asking the question. There are no 'cut and paste' responses but rather original and creative solutions, suitable to each situation and person in their life.

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