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Full Moon Meditation in Cancer
18 January 2011 7.30pm
Abundance Exchange: RM 10.00

[Presiding Goddess Goddess Maat]

A beautiful moon of Balance while Cancer, represents the mother and Capricorn, the father is a good time to contemplate upon the balance of masculine influence and feminine influence in your life.

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is also a water sign, which signifies our emotional nature. Under the influence of this sign is a good time to look at our emotional attachment to our parental lineages and clear of the balance of the karma on the sheet.

The element of water too will sooth and nourishes your heart and soul by activating the DNA through the water of the cells and the crystalline structures that hold the divine codes from within.

About Facilitators

This meditation is brought to you exclusively by our very own Resident Lifeworker Jennifer

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