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Invite Abundance into Your Life with Sathiavathy
18th October 2014


18th October 2014, Sunday

1.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM180 per person.
Prior registration required by 15th October 2014


Why am I facing financial issues all the time? Why is money so hard to earn and so easy to spend? Is my income limited? Why me?

Abundance is something that comes easily to some and is ever elusive for others. Some experience hits and misses and wonder why that is so. If you are interested to know "the secret" of how to invite abundance into your life, this program is something you need.

Only thing that is asked of you is to adapt and tune in to the new belief systems that is introduced and be prepared to see some changes!!


This program is to provide participants with the tools and methodologies to experience abundance in their lives.


Participants will be taken on a journey where their current belief system will be discussed and possibly challenged and a new belief system will be instilled-one that will turn their lives around. Participants will also learn the concept and methodologies to increase and improve their receiving- both, financially and materially.

  • The meaning of financial freedom to you
  • Introduction to the Law of Attraction
  • Belief patterns about money
  • Changing belief patterns
  • Allowing and receiving
  • Acknowledgement & Gratitude affirmation
  • Do's & Don'ts to attract wealth

About Sathiavathy


Sathiavathy Pakiam Gunaratnam (Sathia) has been for 20 years (1989-2009) battling financial difficulties. Despite holding a Master's degree in Marketing and work experience of 21 years, she continually battled with obtaining financial freedom.

It was in 2009 that she was handed "the secret" to increase her income simply by opening up and allowing herself to receive. In 2010, she quit her Managerial job in a leading financial institution and has dedicated her time sharing the same 'secret' with many people who were relieved of their financial ailments.

Her mission is to uplift others financially as she has been uplifted.

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