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Date: 18 - 23 November 2011

Everything we have done in our life, the courses and training we have taken have all guided us on our spiritual path and brought us to where we are today. Now it is time to be further awakened.

Soul Connection can help you be more open to yourself; to evolve as an individual and open your own soul gifts. It is about becoming enlightened, being more conscious of everyday choices in life, functioning at a higher vibratory level through love instead of fear.

If you:
- Have done plenty of emotional release work in the form of EFT, NLP or TFT etc.
- Have experienced past life regression and hypnosis
- Are still struggling with the same issues and are unable to resolve them
- Are ready to delve deeper into the truth of who you are & work co-creatively with your soul
- Are open to embracing all aspects of your Self, so that you can create your desires
- Want to co-create from your Heart not your ego or purely from intellect
- Are looking for something more

Then it is time to experience Soul Connection Consultations. Recently developed by Michelle Hardwick (pictured below) of ReleasePeace, Soul Connection combines deep relaxation (Hypnosis) and profound, channelled questions. We also utilize a form of light healing to balance the whole body, ensuring you are more fully connected to your intuition, your soul and the truth of who you are, at all times.

Together we gain wisdom and truth from your soul to help you evolve further or resolve residual challenges still on-going in your life. Some remaining issues are symptoms "of the soul," i.e. they are issues relating to the fundamental aspects of who you are as person and as a spiritual being.

If you would like to discover the answers to who you really are and more about yourself; uncover your own path for your spiritual growth and development; to know why you are here and what your purpose is; to connect to your soul, intuition and be more true to yourself, then Soul Connection can help you to achieve this.

Deepak Chopra explains: "You can't change the body without changing the self, and you can't change the self without bringing in the soul. "It's all one process, and it begins with knowing that your body exists to mirror who you are and who you want to be

Soul Connection Consultations Benefits:
- Experience inner and outer peace as you connect to your soul and your truth
- Feel true happiness; deep inner satisfaction; a sense of purpose in your life, be pure, loving energy
- Understand your own inner being; have a deeper relationship with yourself and your intuition
- Receive guidance from your soul regarding your personal ascension process
- Comprehend your true destiny/purpose; discover choices you made before you were born, including soul agreements
- Release residual resistance preventing you from connecting to your intuition; your soul or your true self and.

Special Evolutionary Package: RM777.00

If you are ready to make fundamental changes in your life, Michelle Hardwick and ReleasePeace are here to support you and co-create this experience with you. Become one with your inner self; your soul; understand your own true nature and the essence of you!

Step into your future and easily manifest your inner desires with our new consultation package - RM777 which includes:
3 Evolutionary Consultations = 2-hour session x 2 sessions + 1-hour follow up session (EFT, NLP or Emotional Release, etc)

Other than Soul Connection Consultation, Michelle also offers an in-depth holistic approach to balancing mind, body, emotion and spirit, using any or a combination of the following tools from her toolbox: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Akashic record reading - including clearing of past records; Past life regression, Channelled information/guidance and spiritual counselling.

1-hour Consultation:

If you have a specific issue that you wish to work with change and clear then this is the time slot for you. Some people already know the root cause of a challenge, e.g. my life changed when X happened, then a one-hour session could be all that you need.

Your Investment: RM 150.00 per session

2 hour consultation

A two-hour session incorporates a number of different techniques, as necessary, to help you achieve your goals for the consultation. There is enough time in the two hour session to achieve an in-depth holistic approach to balance the mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Your Investment: RM 300.00 per session

Facilitator’s Profile


For over 10 years, Michelle has travelled the world helping individuals and groups release barriers to who they truly are using a combination of potent tools: Emotional Release; Neurolinguistic Programming [NLP]; Hypnosis; Spiritual Teachings; Channelled Guidance as well as Past Life Regression.

Currently, Michelle is developing new practical workshops utilizing profound, innovative methods for initiation and ascension. These are new programmes designed for 2012 and beyond to help individuals and groups begin; strengthen and maintain a powerful connection with:
- their Truth
- their Self
- their Soul, and
- Source/All There Is

Michelle says, Come and join us. Lets experience deep, inner healing and powerful change together. My new workshops are unique in their content & delivery; safe, easy and fun for everyone.

Michelles mission is empowerment, growth, connection and evolution - not only for herself, but also for those who consult and train with her. If you are ready to make fundamental changes in your life, Michelle is here to support you.

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