Events> Free Preview: Awaken Your Healing Powers with John Wong

Date: 19th March 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm

In Awaken Your Healing Power, John shares his experience of establishing Transcendental connection with the Source and how it led to his miraculous recovery, and how it has enabled him to be a vehicle for further healing in others, as he continues to tread this lifelong path of self-awakening.

All of us possess immense power to heal ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Yet, the majority of us are simply not aware of this power.

By harnessing the right belief system, developing a positive mental attitude and having an unwavering faith in our own abilities, all that we wish and hope for an become reality - as long as those wishes and hopes have true altruistic value and are forged out of love. Only in this way, can our thought energy engage the cosmic consciousness around us to enable things to move towards our goals.

Are you aware that :

⢠How he has healed and overcome debilitating neurological disease?

⢠How he has turned his experiences into a passion to help others who afflicted by illnesses affecting their brains, spinal cords and/or their peripheral nerves?

⢠How you can Awaken Your Healing Power through Transcendental Connection?

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John Wong


In 2005, John Wong, a 31 year old molecular biologist was struck by a peculiar illness that led to his paralysis from the neck down. Some of his organs also started to malfunction. As if this was not enough for him to bear, he even lost his ability to see. His own body had unexpectedly failed him at the peak of his career. And life, as he had known it then, came to a standstill.

Yet, he somehow managed to defy the judgment of most medical doctors, who thought that his illness was incurable, and miraculously recovered from his paralysis and blindness over an arduous period of three years.

Neurological disease is debilitating and affects every aspect of the suffererâs life. Even more devastating is the fact that there is often no cure at all. And the chronic nature of neurological disease poses a huge burden on patients and their families. Unlike other causes, such as cancer, heart disease and kidney failure, neurological diseases do not receive much support from the community.

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