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Private Session and Workshop
with Ky'lama Telos

5th - 10thApril 2016


Meditation Session

Activating the Heart of Unconditional Love for Humanity

8th April 2016
7.30pm - 9.30pm

Abundance Exchange: RM180 (2 hours)



Activating the Heart of Unconditional Love for Humanity

10th April 2016
2.00pm - 6.00pm

Abundance Exchange RM 350


Ky'lama has been guided to offer this blessing.

This experience is being offered to assist souls to release beliefs emotions and paradigms that cause the consciousness to make judgements about others or create concepts of separation with others based on unresolved experiences in the unconscious or subconscious.

These sessions will support you to be more conscious and aware in how the subconscious and unconscious triggers reactions or actions of separation and judgement and encourage seeing the oneness in each other and all .

In this first half of the year 2016 there is a planetary focus on bringing harmony balance and oneness within self for the Masculine and Feminine. The opportunity exists to resolve our karma and challenges what it is that is held within our subconscious and unconscious that causes us to shutdown to a greater wholistic expression of our being.

These sessions will facilitate assistance to be brought forth to dissolve separation and to see into the truth of the Group Heart and to allow the group heart to support humanity to experience this greater oneness potential and to be a birthing portal for a wave of love to support a quantum shift in paradigms that are dissolving on the Earth right now.

The sessions support the dissolving of negative or limiting feelings thoughts and paradigms in consciousness (particularly subconscious and unconscious) and support oneness within each person and the domino affect this has on humanity as a whole. We have entered the dimensional shift that is propelling us to this destiny.

The session will assist in removing karmic, spiritual and soul blockages to open you to meeting people that assist you with your path of destiny whether it be in personal soulmate twin flame relationships, business relationships or soul partnership relationships that engender greater love healing joy and fulfilment.

The spiritual hierarchy is gathered to support your soul (and body) to transcend the limitations that have been within you and move forward into the evolution of your divinity and to surrender more deeply to the Heart of Love. The sessions are intended to bring your consciousness back to a deeper remembrance of the experience of love and oneness. Blessed Be.


Private Session
with Ky'lama Telos by Appointment

Akashic Heart Readings

Abundance Exchange RM450 (60 - 70 minutes)


Ky'lama is offering Akashic Heart Readings.

Ky'lama's Akashic Heart readings reveal what is the inner challenge you are facing at this time. What other influences underline your process in the present moment.

Ky'lama will address these issues through creating a field of higher consciousness and healing around you and through the assistance of the Emissaries of Light will bring to you an experience that resets your soul and aligns it to a field of greater potential, peace and harmony.

Ky'lama's sessions envelop you in Love and bring you back to your own essence and the experience of yourself as a being of consciousness and light and supports you in taking steps in your life that support a future with greater harmony, oneness, Presence and peace.

Ky'lama can support you to find clarity in your life and to assist you to understand better your future direction and path.

Ky'lama's sessions are presented as a meditation and takes you into a space of greater oneness.

Blessed Be.


Attunement Master Healing Sessions

Abundance Exchange RM680 (2 hours)


Ky'lama's Attunement Master Healing Sessions are a blessing to your soul.

Ky'lama is a channel of divine healing energy.

The sessions are conducted through a field of energy transference that creates a quantum shift in your consciousness. Ky'lama will assist you to create a clear intention and objective for the session and will tune in and read the energy of what is occurring and assist with creating a space of deep communion, resolution and healing of what is occurring.

Ky'lama will assist in gaining clarity, deeper self acceptance and love, and bring you into a space of deeper inner harmony and a path to greater fulfillment.

Ky'lama supports you to be your potential.

About Ky'lama Telos


Ky'lama delivers his work through a quantum field of light that supports transmissions of encoded light. The light rays interact with the higher intelligence fields of your consciousness to create shifts in your life. These energies assist with the integration and evolution of your soul to align to your highest potential. Ky'lama works with your consciousness and vision to create new paradigms that support your potential to be all that you can be. His work helps you to overcome obstacles in your life and align with a path that supports your soul and well-being. Ky'lama has almost 20 years experience with healing. He has studied a number of healing systems including Chiron Healing, Pleiadian Lightwork and has undertaken a one year training through The Divine University as a student and two one year stints as a mentor. The schools are a profound evolutionary path overlighted by the Ascended Masters. He brings a dedication to the path of healing and evolution of consciousness and supports you in your endeavours.

Ky'lama's Presence - gift to humanity

Ky'lama is a bridge of consciousness for humanity. Ky'lama is dedicated to inspiring all to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift they are to earth at this time.

Ky'lama has a highly attuned psychic nature that allows him to commune with consciousness and spirit to enable connection, illumination and transformation as the path for all. Allowing the creation of a quantum field of consciousness to activate this transformational process. The Loving Presence of the Enlightened Masters, Archangels, Mother Gaia and Celestials co-create and support this divine experience.

Ky'lama, since childhood, has had a deep affinity with healing - serving and nurturing others and finding deep satisfaction in this aspect of life. Allowing others to find heart connection and truth within.

Ky'lama is a shapeshifter, is telepathic and empathic and deeply sentient.

Ky'lama is a Seer and able to connect to the Divine in all Beings and create a quantum shift in consciousness to uplift others through the experience of Light and Sound.

Ky'lama is the Keeper of Time, the measurement of frequency in all dimensions and his Divine nature is deeply connected to the stars and the celestials. Ky'lama is able to take souls on soul travel to the stars and star portals to experience the multidimensional nature of their being and to ignite remembrance of sacred gifts that their Soul holds.

Ky'lama's work over the last 8 years has seen him travelling to many places in the world to connect through teachings and healings with others and with specific places on the Earth. He has been guided to travel by the Ascended Masters to places such as Siberia in Russia, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to bring the LoveLight Crystalline frequencies of the Higher dimensions to bless people and places. Ky'lama's purpose was to offer service through healing and ceremony to bring deeper harmony and reconnection of the sacredness to all places on the Earth.

Ky'lama's greater consciousness works with the "Fires of Transformation" to clear old patterns of karmic consciousness for humanity, assisting humanity to know that the unified heart is a vibration of transformation and illumination and the most graceful of paths for humanity to walk.

Deep honour and respect for Mother Gaia, and to facilitate a more intimate connection to the Christed Planes here on Earth for all. Ky'lama utilises these gifts and the connection to the Cosmic Fires of Purification to bring reconnection of sacred sites to their original sacred purpose and supports The Family of Light and Mother Gaia to bring a transformation of consciousness and clearing of karma and old paradigms.


Diploma Homoeopathy - 1994

Qualified Bowen Therapist - 1992

Chiron Healing - Teacher and Practitioner Qualifications - 1996 - 1999

Pleiadian Lightwork - Practitioner and Teacher - 2000 - 2003

Approved Mentor - The Self Mastery School of Loving Presence - The Divine University. 2003 - 2015.


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