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Private & Group Workshop with Kylama Telos
15th May - 20th May 2018


15th May 2018, Tuesday
7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: By Donation


Ky'lama is a multi dimensional healer and channel of divine healing energy.

Ky'lama is a change agent and supports all to transform to find harmony and balance, find their true purpose and to work with their potential as deeply as is possible.

We all feel there is a major shift occurring on the planet. Weather changes climate change mean that life is unpredictable. The pace at which technological change is occurring is a window to understanding the expansion of our life and the amount of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

This bombardment is not only informational but with the sophistication of the digital age it leads to a greater electromagnetic field that we are dealing with and the effects this can have on our bodies!

We are being challenged to constantly find our centre.

We are being asked to find a way to hold our space and sometimes for others whilst things unravel and find a new level within us.

Ky'lama will talk a little bit about the bigger picture and what is occurring and what it means for us and the planet we live on.

Come and join us for this important discussion and this exchange of views as we build a bigger understanding of what we all need to do for the future.

Ky'lama will also offer a short healing transmission of 20 - 30 mins.


Soul Resonance

16th May 2018, Wednesday
7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM199


Ky'lama is a change agent. His work is a doorway to change and ultimately evolution.

Ky'lama's work involves creating sacred spaces that provide alchemical healing and the ability to then create deeper alignment to your soul purpose and mission.

Ky'lama supports you to find a deeper inner connection that supports inner healing inner alignment and a greater authentic connection to yourself that reflects the resonance of your Soul.

Who we are is our greatest asset. Being in deeper acceptance of this is important. Our ability to "channel" our authenticity is a huge asset. When we are able to do this we create greater resonance and receptivity and the universe supports our soul's path, mission and journey.

Ky'lama's work creates a quantum alchemical field of light around you that creates the potential of change through this deep healing and evolution.

Ky'lama will be offering an experience that supports you to find the clear intention for what you would like to achieve. He will guide your soul into a series of releases that facilitate change and that ultimately leads you to a doorway to greater inner resonance and communication with your soul and purpose in your life. It brings you into greater affinity with yourself and harmony in your life.

Ky'lama's work helps to clear away what no longer supports you and to find your true self and true purpose. Ky'lama assists you to be supported to clear obstacles in your path to greater inner connection, intuition, inner knowing, clarity and wise choices so that you manifest a greater sense of fulfilment and contentment in your life.

Please bring a journal/book to write in, Water and appropriate clothing for being seated and comfortable.


Aligning to the Rainbow Heart

18th May 2018, Friday
7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM199


The Rainbow Heart is the energy of balancing your heart energies to bring harmony healing and love into your life. To help your heart let go of attachments that have created pain hurt sadness and grief in your life. That have stopped you being able to fall in love with your soul mate or twin flame.

That have stopped you from being joyful and happy and may have created a period of depression in your life. To help your heart heal from deep trauma, shame and guilt. To help you to see yourself in a new light.

The Rainbow Heart gives you the courage to start anew - to lift off the old.

The Rainbow Heart uplifts you and creates a positive future for you.

The Rainbow Heart will support you to find a happier place inside yourself and help you to see your life and future as an adventure and a journey to be savoured. To be experienced in a deep way so that it supports your growth as a human being.

The Rainbow Heart is a dispensation of Grace and will bring you back to your Soul's highest Truth.

The Rainbow heart births harmony of the Heart and helps you to feel in a more centred space in your life.

Come and Be Blessed.


Activating the Heart of Unconditional Love
for Humanity

20th May 2018, Sunday
2.15 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM400


This experience is being offered to assist souls to release beliefs emotions and paradigms that cause the consciousness to make judgements about others or create concepts of separation with others based on unresolved experiences in the unconscious or subconscious.

These sessions will support you to be more conscious and aware in how the subconscious and unconscious triggers reactions or actions of separation and judgement and encourage seeing the oneness in each other and all .

These sessions will facilitate assistance to be brought forth to dissolve separation and to see into the truth of the Group Heart and to allow the group heart to support humanity to experience this greater oneness potential and to be a birthing portal for a wave of love to support a quantum shift in paradigms that are dissolving on the Earth right now.

The sessions support the dissolving of negative or limiting feelings thoughts and paradigms in consciousness (particularly subconscious and unconscious) and support oneness within each person and the domino affect this has on humanity as a whole. We have entered the dimensional shift that is propelling us to this destiny. The spiritual hierarchy is gathered to support your soul (and body) to transcend the limitations that have been within you and move forward into the evolution of your divinity and to surrender more deeply to the Heart of Love. The sessions are intended to bring your consciousness back to a deeper rememberance of the experience of love.

We are being asked to purify our mind our emotions and our motives so that we are able to support the dimensional shift that is occurring on the planet.

Often our mind is influenced by genetic patterns that are held in our unconscious/subconscious and it can be a big difficulty trying to clear and change the old patterns of mental projection and judgement of others.

Often our judgements are based on our own insecurities and unresolved energies and these can often sabotage us from getting what we want because we are not fully aligned with the higher values our heart holds and wants to express.

This session will work on the subconscious and unconscious and through connection to our ancestors to bring deeper resolution to the unresolved and bring greater connection and presence with the heart of unconditional love.

Come and Be Blessed.


Attunement Master Healing Sessions

15th May - 20th May 2018
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange:
RM700 (120 minutes)


Ky'lama is a channel of divine healing energy.

Ky'lama's Attunement Master Healing Sessions are a blessing to your soul.

The sessions are conducted through a field of energy transference that creates a quantum shift in your consciousness. Ky'lama will assist you to create a clear intention and objective for the session and will tune in and read the energy of what is occurring and assist with creating a space of deep communion, resolution and healing of what is occurring.

Ky'lama will assist in gaining clarity, deeper self acceptance and love, and bring you into a space of deeper inner harmony and a path to greater fulfillment.

Ky'lama's sessions are all unique - no two are the same. Ky'lama intuitively connects to your energy field and looks at what is challenging you at the time and creates a field of energy around you calling in assistance from the Angelic realms, the Celestial realms and the Ascended Masters to transform what is happening for you so that you are supported to move forward in your life.

The energy that is transmitted in the sessions is a crystalline high frequency encoded vibrational wave(s) of sound, light and love. It is channelled by Ky'lama's Presence and guides as they create these energies to address the imbalances that are being focused on in the session. What you receive in the session is beyond the mind and you receive much more than it is possible to fully describe due to the subtle refined and complex nature of the energies. This is why it is described as a divine blessing because it stretches far beyond what is stated or spoken.

Ky'lama supports you to be your potential.


Akashic Heart Readings

15th May - 20th May 2018
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange:
RM450 (60 -70 minutes)

Ky'lama is offering Akashic Heart Readings.

Ky'lama's Akashic Heart readings reveal what is the inner challenge you are facing at this time. What other influences underline your process in the present moment.

Ky'lama will address these issues through creating a field of higher consciousness and healing around you and through the assistance of the Emissaries of Light will bring to you an experience that resets your soul and aligns it to a field of greater potential, peace and harmony.

Ky'lama's sessions envelop you in Love and bring you back to your own essence and the experience of yourself as a being of consciousness and light and supports you in taking steps in your life that support a future with greater harmony, oneness, Presence and peace.

Ky'lama can support you to find clarity in your life and to assist you to understand better your future direction and path.

Ky'lama's sessions are presented as a meditation and takes you into a space of greater oneness.

About Ky'lama Telos'


Ky'lama is a very gifted multi dimensional healer that works with The Galactic Federation of Light and Emissaries from many Star Systems and dimensions of Light.

He is dedicated to inspiring people to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift that they are to the Earth at this time.

His work is beyond time or space and facilitates quantum shifts that allow you to embrace new perspectives on life.

His work will facilitate you to move through challenges more effortlessly and begin to open to a new future that aligns your life with greater potentials. This will lead to bringing greater fulfillment to your journey and seek to connect you to a deeper sense of what your life purpose is. Ky'lama brings this experience to you in grace and humility and embraces the co creation in sharing with all that life in it's simplest forms is truly fulfilling and joyful.

Ky'lama has received much training through the inner plane ashrams of the ascended masters and the ashrams of Shamballah and brings energetic experiences that are beyond the mind and specific time and space.

He seeks to support all whom he meets to birth within a deeper fulfilment in their life.

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