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Date: 2 - 8 April 2012

Master Healing / Attunement Sessions
RM 499.00 (2 hours session)

These are a sacred blessing and they provide you with an opportunity to release old habits and energetic patterns, blockages, belief systems and to allow greater clarity, freedom and ease within your energies.

You will receive high frequency transmissions of healing light through a quantum field of light that supports your consciousness to evolve in a higher way. Kylama will help you to open your heart, to be in a greater connection to your heart and assist your soul to be happier on the earth plane at this time.

Kylamas life is about offering inspiration and support to all on their journey to help them to align to the highest potential as they take their steps forward in this lifetime. There are many doorways opening to us on the earth plane at this time and Kylama will, this visit to Penang, be offering new work around cellular and organ regeneration as well as new paradigms of clearing the energy field of long held limitations as well as restoring your Master Blueprint for your energy body that will reintegrate your auric bodies and revitalise your physical body.

Kylamas work is multi levelled in its action and effect and has far reaching benefits in many ways for you.

About Ky'lama


Kylama is a very gifted multi dimensional healer that works with The Galactic Federation of Light and Emissaries from many Star Systems and dimensions of Light. He is dedicated to inspiring people to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift that they are to the Earth at this time. His work is beyond time or space and facilitates quantum shifts that allow you to embrace new perspectives on life. His work will facilitate you to move through challenges more effortlessly and begin to open to a new future that aligns your life with greater potentials. This will lead to bringing greater fulfillment to your journey and seek to connect you to a deeper sense of what your life purpose is. Kylama brings this experience to you in grace and humility and embraces the co creation in sharing with all that life in its simplest forms is truly fulfilling and joyful. Kylama has received much training through the inner plane ashrams of the ascended masters and the ashrams of Shamballah and brings energetic experiences that are beyond the mind and specific time and space.He seeks to support all whom he meets to birth within a deeper fulfilment in their life.