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Awaken the Brilliance in Your Being by Lena Chen


10th June 2016
7.30 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.


Awaken the Brilliance in Your Being
with Lena Chen


11th June 2016

3.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM60 / pax

In this 4 hour workshop, Lena will:

  • bring in healing vibrations of the highest level from Elohim and Jupiter to awaken your consciousness so that you are sped forward towards achieving your greatest potential
  • give 4 one on one direct healings to 4 unique individuals that will serve as teaching mediums to the rest of the participants
  • enlighten the participants on finances, relationships and life purpose by bringing in channeled information from light beings who specialise in those topics
  • consult the guides of each of the participants on 1 piece of pertinent information that the participant needs at that point in his/her life as well as confirm the life purpose of each participant

Be prepared for 4 hours of deep healing, intense self-discovery, amazing insights and new spiritual connections, all blended within a lighthearted and fun atmosphere!




One on One Healing with Lena


11th-12th June 2016


11th June - 7.30p.m. to 9.00p.m. (2 slots)
12th June - 8.30a.m to 1.00p.m. (6 slots)

Abundance Exchange: RM220

Lena has been gifted with the ability to use her voice as a medium of transmission, allowing the clearing of old karma and shift in DNA, hence clearing outdated beliefs and thought patterns, eliminating physical ailments of any kinds and causing the recipient to receive tremendous energy in order to achieve his or her life purpose in the grandest way. Aside from healing, Lena will also act as a channel for the recipient's guides to communicate with him or her, allowing the recipient to have a heightened sense of clarity on how to proceed with his or her life in order to experience greater freedom, joy and abundance.

About Lena Chen


Lena has a natural gift and passion for counselling, writing and teaching. She has been interested in spirituality and self-development as a young teenager and while she has strong Buddhist roots, she also sees parallel teachings in other religions and feels that all religions ultimately lead us to the same place. She listens to her very strong intuition which helps her to facilitate healing for her clients to bring about deep and powerful transformations. She is constantly learning from those around her and strives to gain greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, which she believes is the key to breaking through negative patterns and achieving enlightenment.

She has been blessed with the chance to learn EFT and Past Life Regression from two much evolved teachers, Gary Craig and Andy Tomlinson. These two therapies have helped Lena both personally and professionally and it's been a tremendous joy for Lena to use these therapies to help her clients transform their issues with such quick and profound results.

As a genuine seeker, she has been naturally drawn to a few other healing modalities, such as reiki, Quantum Touch, art therapy, play therapy, psychotherapy, The Journey, systemic constellations, etc, all of which have enriched her toolbox of processes and techniques that she combines elegantly with her main choice of therapies. Her latest offering is Sound Healing, which is not learnt from others, but discovered within her.

From Lena:

I fully believe that we are our own best healers, and my aim is to offer healing energies through my services that will create the optimal space for you to heal yourself.

I have walked down a path of trials, which includes multiple bouts of serious depression, scarcity almost in every area of my life, an almost failed marriage, amongst others.

But I have been blessed with encounters with amazing teachers, healers and friends, and supportive family. So today, I am deeply fulfilled and happy, with everything I ever need - a loving husband who makes me laugh every day, 2 beautiful children who bring me much joy, a comfortable lifestyle, wonderful health, amazing friends, and a constant trust that life is good and that the universe is always on my side, as long as I stay true at my path, which I intend to do.

I look forward to assisting you in your healing so that you come closer to your original nature which is of liberation, joy and fulfilment.

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