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Universal Zi Energy Group Practice

Date: 17 November 2011

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

All January/March/April class students are welcome back to meditate together and practice what you have learned plus receive the latest update from Lionel! There will also be a group participation to send healing light energy to mother Gaia (to Thailand/Turkey).

Universal Zi Energy is a channeled energy which comes directly from the divine source. This powerful universal energy can be use for doing healing or maintaining balance of energy within ones body system. Once connected a person can tap into this abundance energy to administer healing on themselves or others. This powerful energy is non-exclusive therefore; it is suitable for beginners as well as those who are already experienced in healing work. It helps to upgrade the energy level of those who may practice other healing modalities as well.

Students from Universal Zi Energy class are encouraged to attend a refresher class and receive the latest update of how to further utilize Universal Zi Energy in your life.

Facilitator’s Profile

Lionel Chee has been involved with energy work for Universal Energy Healing for the last 6 years. His recent connection to spirituality and his guides has allowed the birth of Universal Zi Energy a direct channel modality. He is passionate to share his knowledge with others in sync with his divine purpose on earth. He is also currently teaching the same modality in Penang.

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