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FREE TALK: Living Light Energy(SEKHEM)

13 December 2011
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Energy Exchange: Complimentary

LIVING LIGHT ENERGY (Sekhem) – A Form of Ancient Egyptian Healing

Learn to master the flow of energy. This is a powerful ancient Egyptian vibrational healing modality. Topics include: sensing energy, understanding illness and healing, cleansing the auric field, channeling, moving and directing the energy flow, creating a sacred space and a safe environment, creating forgiveness, techniques of self healing and protection. Activities include meditation, interactive discussion and experiential hands-on healing techniques.

Facilitator Profile

Ruby T. Ong is an experienced healer and caring teacher who takes pride in empowering the individual to maximize their own potential. She believes that, with self-empowerment, people will be more aware that they have a response-ability to live their life with their vision of faith. She is also well trained in different levels of Pranic Healing. Her personal public relations consultancy M V Reach Communications is a major organizer of holistic events in Hong Kong.

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