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Tham Chee Wah - Living with ACIM by Tham Chee Wah
27th April 2015 - 7.30pm - 10.00pm

Abundance Exchange: RM30


Dear Friends,

Looking Within (Written by Wilson Loh)

Divine is the smartest Santa Claus that invigorate the curiosity and playfulness of our inner child. They always leave marks, hints and clues. And suddenly, through the caress of a cooling breeze, under the shades, with the curious stare of a cute kitten, our inner treasures and gifts are ignited in the most creative ways.

The most exhilarating experiences that I truly appreciate are the unique interaction of every element that create the breathtaking and unforgettable photos I shot. They unveil the captivating stories of love, happiness, union, bravery, peace, freedom and so much more.


Everything in the universe is the magnificent creation of the Divine. We are part of this big families that interact energetically with all things in existence. By living in the present, fueling joy and passion in everything I do, I restore the faith and engage miracles in my everyday life. With gratitude, I return to the universe and the Divine everything I've been abundantly provided.

And how do we do that? Just being authentic and engage full gear in your passion, wake up everyday to go to work, feeling happy, is one way I know.

I used to think that I'm an abandoned child of the Divine. When I wanted help, there was none forthcoming. I felt lonely. In times of despair, I lost faith. Now, I realize that the Divine has never given up on me. They are reaching out for me through leaving many signs in my surroundings, which I was reluctant to acknowledge initially. It could be a meaningful lyric, a talk show from the radio, conversation of strangers, an inclination to attend a class, a fallen book from bookshelves, that lead me to the answers I seek.

Apart from attending the "Living ACIM" sessions regularly, recently, I was recommended to attend a Dharma sharing talk on Gratitude by my good friend, Peter. The host shared her daily life experience of practicing Gratitude which impressed me and it changed my views about life. Since then, I am learning to appreciate everything that I have now, and feeling secure and serene as I know that the Divine is always there with me, and within me.

In this coming "Living ACIM" session, Chee Wah is going to share again his thoughts and experiences about how one can look within oneself. Do come and join us in this wonderful journey of sharing and laughter as we sail together to embrace the loving yet challenging world.


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Topic in April 2015 - Looking Within (ACIM page 229)
27th April 2014 (Monday), 7.30pm-10.00pm

Abundance Exchange: RM30

Lifeworks Holistic Centre, 27 Jalan Brother James, Penang .

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