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Tham Chee Wah - Living with ACIM by Tham Chee Wah
26th March 2015 - 7.30am - 10.00pm

Abundance Exchange: RM30


Dear Friends,

The Investment in Reality (Written by Peter Yeap)

Once, I gradually starting to perceive a real peace of mind. The very few hours of complete silence, the seemingly few minutes of emptiness and the limitless few seconds of nibanna bliss. After weeks of relentless mind blowing pressure and distractions from my normal routines, yes, this is the only salvation I seek. My body is hinting for a quiet respite and I really needed one badly.

"Let it go, Let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, Let it go"

Yet, as I turned my back and slammed the door, a familiar caller ring tone shattered my peaceful nibanna. Another case again at this crazy hour? Why is God always picking on me? Just because I am too capable? Life is just not fair. Can't he sense from my drooping eyes that my body cannot cope anymore? My provoked mind is split between whether to help or not to help, this is the question?


Despite my wanting to fight back and say no, yet my kind-heartedness is asking me to help my boss out, albeit reluctantly. I have dedicated and invested my life and sleep, and my hairs are turning white as the company ages. I needed to camouflage my hair again. Yet the only noticeable truth is that the calcium in my bones may not stand out like the cements and bricks of the building I work with anymore. I have lost my battle through time. Should I still invest myself further? What do i get in return for all these finite years of sacrifices? Recognitions? Wealth with a poor mental health? An ailing body that's gonna rest in pieces soon?

Reality is harsh but what is real for now, the present moment? Why must I agree to invest myself to help the needy, more so reluctantly? Why can't I do it with an open heart, joy and love like nothing the matters? Why is it so hard to utter just a single word of "No" while others can? Why am I so fearful of the consequences and always make a comparison with others? Is this what we call responsibility or the inability to delegate and not trusting in the capabilities of others?

I believe that this is a common encounter in everyone's life. How we always wished again to be so care-free like a child we used to be. But be careful of what you wish for. You don't wanna go into the woods to seek for the answers.

In this coming "Living ACIM" session, Chee Wah is going to share again his thoughts and experiences about how we can invest ourselves in reality. Do come and join us in this wonderful journey of sharing and laughters as we sail together to embrace the loving yet challenging world.

In this session, we will also discuss about achieving our goals in 2015. Check out the "Living ACIMAchieve2015" goal sheet. Bring it along and we will work out our goals together. Download from www.thamcheewah.com


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Topic in March 2015 - The Investment in Reality (ACIM page 218 - 223)
"The goal of love is but your right, and it belongs to you despite your dreams."
26th March 2014, 7.30pm-10.00pm

Abundance Exchange: RM30

Lifeworks Holistic Centre, 27 Jalan Brother James, Penang .

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Kindly invite your family and friends and share with them how these powerful concepts can help improve your professional and personal life.

We look forward to welcome you.

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