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Date: 17 - 19 March 2012
Time: 11.00 am - 6.00 pm

Spiritual Coaching with Soul Reading/Akashic Reading

We all have our records of our lives and the record of our soul. It is an energetic record that can be tuned into and read. Most importantly, Akashic Record reading can provide guidance on energetic blocks and challenges that one is facing in ones life in the present moment. A reading can also provide information on who we are at a soul level, what particular essence or talents we can use, and what awareness we need to bring into our lives to move through the life challenges. The reading can uncover some deep issues as well. Usually the reading focuses on the triggers needed for the client in their present life challenges.

What you can expect from the reading:
It gives us an understanding of who we are at essence, or at soul level
It provides awareness of our current energetic blocks that lead to our present day challenges in our life or our spiritual growth
It guides us to possibilities that we have to move us through our challenges
It provides information on our strengths and how we can utilize the same to move through our challenges
It can uncover deep issues that we need to work on or any repetitive pattern that keeps coming up in our life
It guides us towards ways of self-healing
It provides the spiritual support needed to have a conscious relationship with our soul

To give a direction to the reading, Losita advises that you submit a series of questions at least 48 hours prior to the reading so that she can prepare the reading prior to a face-to-face session and present it to you at the time of the session.

60 minute sessions: RM 168
30 minute sessions RM 88



Losita is an author whose upcoming book, Shifting into Tao: In 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons unveils the process and phases of the shift in consciousness. Losita was given this process through guidance through her own personal shift. This is the same process that she uses in her workshops, Journey to Spirit.

Losita is also guided to channel and do Akashic Records or Soul Record readings for her clients through a process of automatic writing. In her channeling sessions, she channels a Group of Masters, Angels and Light Beings. She also receives messages from time to time from souls who have moved on from Earth plane but would like to guide their soul families living here at this time.

In her spiritual coaching sessions, Losita is able to do an energetic reading of her clients soul journey and purpose as well as channel answers to specific questions her clients may have (This is done prior to the live chat or face-to-face meeting). Based on the answers and the initial reading, she guides her clients through their life-challenges.

Through all her sessions, Losita maintains a simple, straightforward and practical approach. She believes that the truth of our inner being is simple, however we complicate it with our thoughts. She also believes in empowering her clients, and advises regular spiritual coaching only if necessary.