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Date: 20 December 2010
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Energy Exchange: RM 50.00

Too often you have heard of the many health benefits of meditation. You may have attended a session to learn how to meditate. However as you start to meditate, you may find that your mind simply refuses to stay still as it leaps from thought to thought, idea to idea.

The peace of mind that others have experienced and talked about simply does not happen. Out of sheer frustration with the whole process, you give ...up and include this as one of your life experience of Been there, tried it... Does not work for me!

Having been meditating since he was 5 years old, Hong is experienced in sharing how to achieve the meditative calm. Whether you are new to meditation or experienced in the practice, join us in this meditation workshop as we work learn tried and tested techniques to focus our Monkey mind.

You will learn a new framework on meditation using each of the five senses to achieve better concentration:
1. Kinesthetic
2. Visual
3. Auditory
4. Olfactory
5. Gustatory

Your perception to meditation will change after this workshop. You will be able to start meditating on your own and achieve the meditative calm with ease!

About Chua Hong


An international holistic teacher and healer with over 30 years experience in spirituality, Hong started Meditation / QiGong at 5 and is trained in Acupressure since his early teens.

At 13, after touching his first computer in school, he knows that the first part of his life involves computer related work. At 16, while in deep meditation, he is told by the Masters to focus on experiencing life issues and challenges before he will start teaching in the later part of his life.

Hence, after graduating from University as a computer engineer, Hong has worked for 15 years as a corporate consultant implementing complex financial applications. In 2008, he has completed 2 diploma programs in holistic health and therapy in Australia. He is currently pursuing a PhD in complementary medicine.

Hong integrates both the analytical and the intuitive. He works on the physical and subtle bodies of emotion, mind, energy and spirit. He is passionate in reminding people that they hold the power of their destiny in their own hands. Through his meditation classes, workshops, retreats and empowerments, he facilitates healing through self awareness.

Working with energy, he takes a systematic approach to Cleanse, Purify, Release, Align, Attune, Activate, Awaken, Integrate & Mastery.

Hong considers himself a Door Opener. He holds the Sacred Space to allow you to unlock the door of your heart and enable you to walk out on your own for your personal healing and transformation.

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