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About the Facilitator
Sarah-Joy Amin

Since my recent sacred journey to Egypt, I'm called to offer a meditation and activation session for friends in Penang who feel a strong connection to the Egyptian spiritual lineage or interested to form a connection with the sacred Field of Light covering major Chakra temples. Our mission was to re-activate the original Blueprint of Unity or Christ Consciousness in this sacred land of Khempt or Egypt as it was thousands of years ago, through energetic work at the various temples that held the chakra energies along the Nile!

Our meditation on Friday 2 March coincides with the full moon and will help you make a deep soul connection to the sacred original Blueprint of the Field of Light in Egypt. You will also form energetic connections with one or more of the Egyptian deities, in particular Thoth, Mother Isis, Sekmet, Horus, Anubis and or Hathor. Each of these deities carry an energetic frequency that will support you in various aspects of healing and your life growth, transformation and mastery!

Sound work will help with the energetic release and activations. Some of you may receive healings and/or remembrance from your past lives in Egypt as well as renewed connections to bring forth "gifts" to your present life.

Sacred objects and scents from my recent sacred journey will help create the energetic environment needed for this meditation session. You will all receive something to take home with you to form a continued connection with the Egyptian sacred lineage.

Please bring along any crystals you would like to add to the session for activation as well. The following crystals related to the Egyptian tradition include: Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Citrin, Clear quartz, Apatite, Malachite, Tiger's Eye, Calcite, Carnelian, and Coral are possible stones you may want to have with you to strengthen your meditation and connection to the Egyptian Sacred Field of Light.

Sarah is looking forward to share much of what she been SO BLESSED to receive! Love and thank u!!!

About Sarah-Joy Amin


Sarah-Joy Amin is a Transformation Teacher, Chakra Yoga instructor, Inner Dance facilitator and energy worker. Based in Penang, Sarah-Joy has been on the spiritual path for over 20 years, starting with Buddhism in the 1980s, then expanding into yogic practices and a Oneness approach to spirituality from 2010 onwards.

Sarah-Joy was trained in the Chakra Yoga Tradition at the Pyramid Yoga school in Thailand in 2013. She was introduced to yoga during her adolescent years and resumed her yoga practice in Jan 2010 after almost two decades suffering from spinal injuries. In Dec. 2013, she completed the 108 hour Yoga for Healers course. Her main teacher, David Goulet, is a yogi with over 40 years' experience in the Gitananda tradition. Sarah-Joy is committed to yoga for she has seen how the practice has helped her through critical periods coping with physical injuries as well as healing deep emotional stresses. She is sensitive to students with special needs, especially those with back, shoulder and neck pains.

Sarah-Joy is also an Inner Dance practitioner. She encountered a form of Inner Dance over a decade ago but immersed herself more intensely from early 2010 and after meeting and training with Pi Villaraza, Inner Dance Founder in the Philippines in Oct 2012. She also trained in A Simple Path (ASP) transformational coaching programme (see https://asptosuccess.com/) in 2014.

In Sept 2016, Sarah-Joy trained with Solara Anra, a world renown channeller, on Channeling and Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing enhancing her energy healing work. Currently, Sarah-Joy conducts weekly group and private yoga classes, holds Inner Dance circles as well as private Inner Dance and Energy Healing sessions.

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