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Workshop and Private Session with Michele Roberts
17th - 26th February 2014




22nd February 2014

2.00 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.


The focus of this workshop will be on developing a relationship with the psychic centres within the body while also remaining very grounded in the body. We learn tools beginning with the pineal gland, moving to the telepathic channels; next is clearing with a your magnificently created grounding cord and instruction in energetic protection. All of this along with learning to run cosmic and earth energies simultaneously throughout the body is achieved. This is a fast moving workshop with profound healing aspects during and after.


Students will be introduced to all of the psychic centres within the body which include clairsentience or psychic feeling; clairaudience or psychic hearing; clairvoyance or psychic seeing; the telepathic channels and pineal gland along with the aura and chakras.

We begin with learning a tool to restore the energies we have left behind in the many circumstances of our daily life. We call back these energies and learn to restore them through our chakra system and bodies. Students find this tool physically restorative.

Students are then introduced to the concept of grounding and energetic releasing simultaneously. The ability to move out old energies is essential for freeing up space for the new to enter.

Students are then introduced to the concept of energetic protection and guided to develop their own personal protection tool to use consistently and with techniques learned to measure its effectiveness at all times.

During the workshop students will also draw/replicate all of the impressions they have received so that imagery and intuition (clairvoyance and clairsentience) are placed manually on paper to strengthen the connection and information received from the psychic centres.

After break, we begin with a review of tools learned in the previous session. Students will then be introduced to their relationship with earth energies and cosmic energies. Instruction will be given on how to run these energies simultaneously throughout the body and chakras while maintaining a very, very grounded body. This tool actually feeds and nourishes the energetic bodies (feeling fantastic in the body!) and allows the psychic centres to work within the body in unison and in agreement. Students will again be asked to replicate their impressions on paper to strengthen the dialogue between our logical thinking and intuitive knowingness.

The final stage of the workshop will focus on integration of these skills into everyday life. There is continuous practice and more practice of the techniques learned so they are second nature by conclusion of the workshop.

You will sleep well.




Cura Therapia, translates to 'care of the soul' and is also known as energy therapy. Energy healing is an in-depth look at the seven layers of the aura and seven chakras. These energetic centres work together and hold specific information regarding various aspects of self. These aspects are everything from our innate survival information to our intuition and ability to create with more in between. Snippets of past lives will also be read with regards to their impact on this lifetime. During a session, I translate the information seen energetically into a summary of my client's individual state of holistic being. Any sources of energetic discord are cleared during the session and much of the energy work is felt immediately. Clients will normally feel a great sense of well-being and a good night's sleep the night of the session.


About Michele Roberts


Michele's objective as an energy therapist, is to promote the healing, balancing and clearing of the aura and chakras as well as to define and utilise our natural abilities to heal ourselves. Her practice has allowed her to craft a personal and insightful translation of the bio-energetic field into a language understood by her clients, the benefits of which can be immediate. The new understanding of their detailed energetic make-up allows for a connection with self and energetic well-being that many have never experienced before.

In 1997, Michele completed a two-year programme at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in San Rafael, California, USA. The various coursework reflective of an intensive pathway designed to expand and refine all levels of healing and psychic abilities during those two years was then applied to complementary and natural healing.

In 2003, at The Wyndham Center, Michele was the first practitioner within that established physiotherapy centre to work with energy, specifically the aura and chakras. Then in 2008, she expanded her services to the prestigious Hale Clinic and was also the first practitioner of this type of healing modality to have joined the Hale Clinic. Sessions in both centers incorporated an in-depth look at the aura and chakras. Any energetic blocks, cords, or discolouration is removed, thus promoting relief and respite from energetic discourse. These sessions offered a personal and unique insight reflective and pertinent to what is needed to heal along with validation of what has been healed for each client. In 2005, Michele was featured on a daytime television programme in UK (Loungeliving on SKY tv) and conducted aura and chakra reading live on air.

Since 2004, she has been featured in regular newsletters and magazines in UK, namely The London Paper, Soul & Spirit Magazine, Ms London, and the Wyndham Centre quarterly newsletter.

Michele Roberts aims to assist in the healing, balancing and clearing of the aura and chakras as well as promoting the client's natural ability to understand and heal themselves. Everyone has the ability to set their own vibrational colours and tones.

Michele also teaches Basic Psychic Development courses and workshops in London and is a member of the British Registrar of Complementary Practitioners.

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