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Private Session and Workshop
Michelle Hardwick

8th October 2013 – 13th October 2013

Abundance Exchange *Early Bird* Offer


Normal Price – RM400

Early Bird – RM350

Attending all three workshops – RM990

*Early Bird Offer* Last till the Free Preview Workshop – 8th October 2013

From Mind to Heart


11th October 2013,

7.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Most of us think continually, often unaware of the constant stream of thoughts coming to us each and every moment. Thinking is the most powerful tool our mind and ego use to maintain control and prevent us from living in the freedom of our hearts and being our True Selves.

Experiential Workshop

In this 3-hour ‘From Mind to Heart’ experiential workshop, Michelle offers a combination of potent tools, evolutionary processes, guided meditations, soul connection hypnotherapy and exercises. These tools are designed to move you out of your mind, from your thoughts & fears - in to your heart. You can then discover new ways of living and being in the world from this more connected, heart-centred place.

Practicing the tools shared during this workshop can assist you to listen to your heart, become more balanced, feel inner peace and stillness, and create a richer, fuller life. This workshop also includes: MP3 recordings (emailed to you after the workshop), personal exercises and lots more!

Please bring with you bottled water, blanket & pillow, as well as a notepad and pen.

The Gift of Feelings


12th October 2013,

12.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m

We’ve been trained to think, judge and analyze – helpful qualities, but not if we get stuck believing in an illusion that our mind ‘thinks’ is real. Evolution lies in connecting to our deeper, inner wisdom and paying attention to our feelings. By respecting (and listening to) what our feelings tell us, we become aware of shifts of energy within and around us. Feelings are our doorway to healing, to our soul and to Oneness.

Experiential Workshop

In this 3-hour ‘The Gift of Feelings’ workshop, Michelle offers an opportunity to experience a shift in perception using a combination of potent tools, guided meditations, exercises and soul connection hypnotherapy. These tools help you become more open to your feelings; to discover more about the truth of what you actually feel and so connect to your soul. Practicing the tools shared can help you feel more grounded and move you towards more awareness with yourself and the world. This workshop also includes: MP3 recordings (emailed to you after the workshop), personal exercises and lots more!

Please bring with you bottled water, blanket & pillow, as well as a notepad and pen.

Hand-in-Hand with your Soul


13th October 2013,

12.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m

When we heal we release all things that are blocking us. Our blocks are often pre-conditioned childhood responses separating us from ‘who we truly are’.

Experiential Workshop

In this 3-hour ‘Hand-in-Hand with your Soul’ workshop, Michelle offers an opportunity to understand the difference between the ‘old you’ and ‘who you truly are’ – and then reconnect to your Soul.

A combination of potent tools, guided meditations, exercises and soul connection hypnotherapy will be utilised to help you become more relaxed with that ‘new part of you’, so that you can continue to grow, evolve and be nourished on all levels. This experience also includes: MP3 recordings (emailed to you after the workshop), personal exercises and lots more! Practicing the gifts shared can help you be who you really are.

Please bring with you bottled water, blanket & pillow, as well as a notepad and pen.


Michelle A. Hardwick offers a variety of tailor-made consultations, utilizing any of the following tools. Michelle will co-create with you depending upon your current circumstances and requirements. No two consultations are ever the same and the consultation time can range from between one hour and 2.5 hours - depending upon which technique you choose and which best suits your needs. Find out more about the potent, fast, empowering tools and services Michelle offers below:

Abundance Exchange *Early Bird* Offer

Private Session

60 minutes – RM250

120 minutes – RM400

150 minutes – RM450

Additional Rebate of RM30 from any of the Private Session when enrolled with any of the Workshop by Michelle Hardwick.


120 minutes

Going into hypnosis is a natural, gentle, relaxed process. In the state of hypnosis you are aware at all times, completely in control and deeply relaxed. If you’ve ever enjoyed lying on a beach letting your mind drift as the sound of the waves lulls you; or been so absorbed in a good book that you lose track of time – then you already know what hypnosis feels like. The experience is not like what you see on TV or on stage – no pendulums, bright lights; no ‘losing control’; ‘disclosing secrets’ nor ‘giving up your power’. You are able get out of the hypnotic state anytime you choose. Everyone can be hypnotized if they want to be.

Hypnotherapy Benefits

Hypnotherapy helps you:

· heal and change yourself

· improve your outlook

· reprogram for success, happiness, harmony & balance

· improve your health, maintain your well being

· change negative patterns, un-learn unhelpful behaviours and patterning, decrease stress

· remove limitations, anxiety, and fear

· cease unwanted habits

The possibilities with Hypnotherapy are only limited by your imagination!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
60 minutes or 120 minutes

EFT is a technique combining ancient Chinese/Japanese acupressure and modern psychology with surprising results. It’s used and recommended by leading experts such as Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson, Deepak Chopra, Arielle Ford and many others.

EFT is based on the ancient revered systems of acupuncture, and is an easy self-help technique you can learn simply, with absolutely no prior knowledge of meridians, psychology or anything and that will make your life easier, your relationships happier, your successes come faster … and get what you want out of life.

EFT Benefits

EFT helps to become free and unstuck from limitations. Repressed emotions create imbalance in the body system. Left unresolved can often lead to dis-ease and disharmony. Used daily EFT helps create happiness, peace, personal power, empowerment and freedom. Results can often be experienced within minutes. Most people report a profound easing of many problems such as:

· Addictive Cravings- cigarettes, alcohol; Addictive tendencies; compulsions & obsessions

· Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Depression, Insomnia.

· Fear incl. Fear of Public Speaking, Powerless feelings, no Self-Esteem, feeling Trapped

· Pre-menstrual Tension (PMT), Headaches & Migraines, improved Memory

· Back Pain, Haemorrhoids, Dental Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

· Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

· Irritable Bowel Syndrome

· Relationships, Inherited Family patterns, Pre-conditioned Responses

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
60 minutes

NLP is based on a set of very precise ways to identify how someone who is successful achieves their results and offers numerous techniques to help reprogram mind and body to gain greater effectiveness in all aspects of life.

NLP Benefits

Offers powerful methods for changing the way you think, feel, act and learn, thereby transforming relationships and organisations, helping to achieve personal changes quickly and easily.

Current Life Regression
120 minutes

Many say we can’t change the past – or can we? Michelle believes you can. Regression is a powerful self-development tool that helps transform and release current challenges, repressed thoughts, beliefs, patterns and habits. Regression can help disconnect and transform old “triggers” such as fear, anger, negative patterns and conditioned behaviours. Emotions, or reactions and fears can ‘leak through’ into our present or current situations/life from our most recent past. Sometimes they can go further back into our childhood and connect to the trauma we might have lived through then which remains unresolved.

Regression Benefits

Regression involves going back to previous times in your current life with the help of with deep relaxation and hypnosis. There are often gifts back in that time, that are no longer with you e.g. happiness, self-confidence, or freedom. By regressing back to earlier times, we can reclaim those qualities and reintegrate them back into your present life so that they can be utilized from that point onward.

Generational Healing
120 minutes

Reactions to situations can also be handed down throughout generations or family lineages. Challenges can therefore sometimes not be as a result of our current situation but can go further back in time. Often these types of ‘reactions’ happen at an unconscious level. We are usually unaware of where these responses consciously.

Generational Healing Benefits

Regressing back to our past generations, lineages and ancestors, offers us a deeper understanding of our character and where certain unconscious patterns and conditions originate. We can sometimes realize why we are drawn to certain places, people, activities, and behaviours.

Past Life Regression
120 minutes

Have you ever met someone for the very first time, and yet feel you have known them all your life? This often goes back to times gone by. Also known as instant recognition on a soul level. Others have shared experiences they have had when going to a city for the first time yet knowing the layout, the streets and being able to easily navigate their way around without a map. This too, is recognition on a soul level.

Michelle believes the soul is eternal. Past life regression involves exploring previous existences of our soul, and then dealing with and release any remaining unreleased emotions, blockages or fears. Working with past lives is a gentle yet powerful process of change helping you learn from and release experiences that no longer serve you in this life.

Past Life Regression Benefits

Through past life regression we can understand more fully our current challenges. We gain a deeper understanding of our life, our mission and life purpose as well as our reason for being. Amazingly deep healing and insights can be brought about with past life regression. You need not believe in reincarnation to experience positive, beneficial results. Past life regression with Michelle is not about remembering facts, figures, dates and years, but about working through unfinished lessons and taking the learning from that situation.

Soul Connection Hypnotherapy 150 minutes

Please note - prior to booking a Soul Connection and Evolution consultation, it is a requirement to have completed a number of current and past life regressions; and to have completed some emotional clearance work using EFT, TFT, TAT or NLP (or a similar clearance technique). As a result of this clearance, a quicker connection is made with your Soul and clearer communication is experienced.

As you heal and release current life challenges and/or past life problems, you are then able to take the next step in your journey of evolution. Soul Connection Hypnotherapy offers you the opportunity to be able (if you are ready) to connect with your soul. In the state of hypnosis your soul can share wisdom and truth to help you evolve, telling you what you might need to know or what you need to further integrate for your evolution.

Your soul communicates with you and with your ego to help you gain more detail about your evolution; your specific life mission; your purpose in life; or a deeper understanding about yourself. If required, a consultation can also take the form of healing specific areas or parts of your body.

Soul Connection Hypnotherapy Benefits

· Gain essential information you need based on where you are; what you have done in the past; and gain feedback about how you are doing.

· Acquire guidance regarding your personal evolution process.

· Comprehend your true destiny/purpose.

· Release residual resistance and/or self-punishment.

· Understand and accept yourself.

· Gain a deeper sense of peace.

This Soul Connection and Evolution process has been developed by Michelle, and is designed to further help her students and clients gain access to a deeper awareness, understanding and insight of themselves and their journey of evolution.

About Michelle Hardwick


Born in the UK, Michelle A. Hardwick is a certified Hypnotherapist who began her practice in 1999 in New Zealand - her spiritual home. While still living in New Zealand, Michelle undertook 2 years of extensive spiritual studies with the Gaia Sacred Mystery School as a Record-keeper. Michelle is an experienced channel and seer.

Michelle also trained with groundbreaking psychiatrist, past-life regressionist and best-selling author Dr. Brian Weiss. Michelle has since completed training with Dolores Cannon, renowned hypnotherapist specializing in the recovery of "Lost Knowledge".

Further, Michelle is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Trainer and Practitioner who facilitates transformative EFT training and consultations. For more than 13 years Michelle has shared her love of EFT with many. In addition to EFT and Hypnotherapy, Michelle is also qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and integrates the principles into her work.

Michelle has recently developed ‘Soul Connection and Evolution’ - her own style of Hypnotherapy which integrates processes Michelle has found personally beneficial. ‘Soul Connection Hypnotherapy’ is designed to:

• Help heal the past,

• Establish a connection to your True Self and

• Assist in the connection of your true Self to your Soul and then

• Connect you via your Soul to Source.

‘Soul Connection Hypnotherapy’ therefore bridges the worlds of self; spirituality; body; mind and soul.

Michelle works in a supportive and co-creative way sharing these potent tools with students and clients from all walks of life. She has helped many make fundamental changes in their lives and is a gifted, empathetic, intuitive and energetic practitioner. Michelle uses humour and sensitivity to create a safe, unique experience.

In addition, Michelle has published numerous articles in Spiritual, Health, Spa Magazines and Newspapers in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and throughout Asia. When she is not travelling and teaching worldwide, Michelle lives in Ireland, near the city of Cork, with her partner.

Michelle is the founder of Release…Peace, a new international school offering online and live courses for spiritual evolution, growth, personal development and EFT Training. Release…Peace also hosts life-changing 5-or 6 -day retreats in sacred and powerful energy spots in Greece, Bali and Ireland (soon Thailand).

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