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Private Sesion & Workshop
with Reshmi Sha'uri Ha'nah Purmar

1st May 2014 - 15th May 2014



1st May 2014, Thursday

7.30 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

We live in a feeling universe. What we feel magnifies and magnetises things, situations, experiences to us.

In this free talk, Reshmi will explain the physics behind emotions. How using meditation and other tools you will be able to release those emotions that are no longer serving you.

Be your own Psychic

9th May 2014, Wednesday
7.00 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.


As we are moving closer to the higher frequencies of light, denser energies that may have blocked us previously are coming up to be released as well as creating confusion in our lives. The aim of this workshop is to help you be in constant communication with your higher self, your guides and teachers so that life becomes the most magnificent College you could ever imagine learning at. Each and every day we are bombarded with information and energy. This workshop will help you decipher the language of spirit and Angels.

In this one day workshop you will receive attunement through sound that will rebalance your energy field, which is not only your receiving station but also your transmitting station.

You will learn and practice receiving sending information

You will practice communicating with the Angels and Guides around you.



12th May 2014, Saturday
12.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.


Angels are here to help us in our day to day lives. Yet many of us dare not dream the BIG dream. And out of fear & humbleness there is a born a numbness that keeps us dreaming small.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage you to dream BIG and use the Angels to be your helpers and guides along the way. And doing it with fun and humour

Co-creating a life is what you are here to do. You are source energy in human form and yet we hesitate to allow ourselves to receive all that is rightfully ours. Life experiences condition our thinking and planning to be 3rd dimensional. Now that the energy frequencies flooding the plain we live on are more 4th, 5th an 6th dimensional. These energies are being drawn here by you and your requests yet many of us are not yet in practice of using them. So this workshop will equip you with the proper tools to utilise in the magnificent co-creation of your best dreams.

with Reshmi Sha'uri Ha'nah Purmar

1st - 15th May 2014

By Appointment

Abundance Exchange:

RM150 (30 minutes - Indian Head Masage)

RM280 (60 minutes)

RM350 (90 minutes)

Intuitive Healing Sessions

There are many physical issues that arise as a result of trapped emotional issues either past or present. Using various tools and techniques such as:

  • Reiki
  • EMF Balancing technique
  • Theta Healing
  • Nuero-Linguistic programming
  • Brain Soul Fusion
  • Hypnosis
  • Time Line
  • DNA reprogramming
  • Release of Karmic patterns and ties
  • Reconnecting you to your Angel Guides/Source
  • Reconnecting to past life Talents Skills and Wisdom
  • Reconnecting you to the Spiritual Lineage and the wisdom you are here to share
  • Healing grief
  • Harmonising Relationships

coupled with guidance from the Angelic, Faerie and Spirit realms; my intention is to put you and your body back into harmony with your spirit and dreams .. The LIFE You are Here to Live. During some of these sessions it may be necessary to rebalance the energy flow within your body using massage and so I also offer:

  • Indian Head Massage
  • Natural face Lift Massage - a fantastic tool to look good and receive an energy healing session all at once - no one will know you were receiving healing!
  • Full Body massage

with or without the use of Essential Oils. As I work with shifting the blocks that are apparent on the physical level, energetic shifts will also take place elsewhere. Some clients experience deep emotional release during or after a massage freeing them up to be more open and focused on the things they love in life.

Who is this treatment for?

I love working with people whether they are sceptical or open. My consultations make no assumptions and are not limited or directed at any one set of people.

I recently found myself working with a gentleman in his late sixties. He was talking about an ancestral illness that had left him with the endless fear that his life could end in an instant and he had no control over it. I was immediately shown by my guides that I could indeed clear his ancestral "karma" to ensure he could move through the rest of his life without this fear. I offered him a brief healing session and he declined. His attitude was "healing never worked, he was a very scientific and curious man and as such since he didn't believe it would not work for him". After some more "talk" he surprised me by accepting my offer of healing. The "resetting" of the ancestral pattern took less than half an hour. What surprised me and him was that information came through during the session that had this strong middle aged man sobbing from a sense of relief and letting go of something he had been burdened with for most of his life. His energy circuitry was "upgraded" if you will and he left the room much lighter and more peaceful than before.

Whether you feel ready, curious or are searching for someone to talk through changes that seem inevitable and yet overwhelming or simply looking to find a direction to point yourself in, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you and see where I can help you.


About Reshmi Sha'uri Ha'nah Purmar


I am Reshmi Sha'uri Ha'nah Purmar, an international Angel & Ascension teacher mentor/Intuitive healer speaker and workshop leader. Having worked in this field for over 16 years, I wake up each day excited as absolutely love what I do. Each day I discover the magic in living in alignment with my Angelic and Spiritual guidance. I have so many guides that each day is an adventure in the ether with friends new and old. My work takes me all over the world, meeting new clients, students and teachers In between my journeys around the globe, I return to base in London and Spain, I continue to work with clients in New York, LA, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Dubai. As part of my personal joy I used to present my own spiritual empowerment radio show for a global radio station based in London. It was fascinating I got to interview amazing teachers and healers from around the world.

My guides communicate with me through feelings, visions and words. I am also aware of spirits that have passed over, bringing through messages from loved ones, when appropriate, can be amazingly healing for the family.

Two of my most thrilling experiences were communicating with the spirit of an unborn child to heal a mother's illness and communicating with and healing a heartbroken dolphin in San Diego.

Using spirit's strengths and visions during my healing sessions is wonderfully uplifting for both me and my clients.

What I can offer :

Readings: My ability to "see" and "know" the hidden has helped many clients make more empowered choices and changes in areas as diverse as Business, health, relationships, career as well as living and working environments - sometimes all at once! I use Tarot / Angel / Faerie cards and Psychometry as tools to help me tune in to work more precisely addressing the issues at hand although I have now become more of a channel, channeling information and guidance direct from Gaia and ascended masters to support you in your life at this time.

Intuitive guidance and consultations

If there is an area in your life that you feel held back in or are feeling overwhelmed in, I am here to hear you and help you clear the fog. I will work with you to help you see your spiritual truth, teaching you and supporting you through energy healing sessions, practical tools, and nuero-transformational processes to implement the change you want to see in your world.

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