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Workshop and Private Session with Ruby Ong
4th - 10th March 2014


with Ruby T Ong

4th March 2014, Tuesday

7.30 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

In this free introductory evening, Ruby will introduce the Living Light Energy (Sekhem), a powerful ancient Egyptian vibrational healing modality.

In this course, you will learn to master the flow of energy. Topics include: sensing energy, understanding illness and healing, cleansing the auric field, channeling, moving and directing the energy flow, creating a sacred space and a safe environment, creating forgiveness, techniques of self healing and protection. Activities include meditation, interactive discussion and experiential hands-on healing techniques.

Ruby will also share with us the different classes that she will be conducting in the evening such as Mandala Colouring Workshop, Triangulation Meditation, Immortality Exercise .

Originally from Philippines and now based in Hong Kong, Ruby will also expound on the significance of the different workshops that she will be conducting while in Lifeworks.

She will share with us the many 'coincidences' that occurred in her life as she treads the spiritual path and how these supposedly believed to be 'coincidences' had enriched her life up to this day. Due to these fascinating stories, media in Hong Kong widely dubbed her life journey as a LIFE JOURNEY BEYOND LOGIC.

In addition to operating a public relations consultancy, Ruby also runs a spiritual and holistic center called Reflections Resource Center.


Mandala Colouring Workshop


5th March 2014, Wednesday

7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM180

Mandala symbolizes wholeness. It is a tool for centering, calming and focusing the mind. Colouring a Mandala will unlock your subconscious thoughts and feelings enabling you to understand your true nature.

Come join us in a Mandala Colouring session to find inner peace, balance and harmony. Trust yourself, dare to experiment and have fun! Enjoy it!

Different mandala designs and colour pencils will be provided. Suitable for children and adults of all ages.

After the colouring, Ruby will give each participant a brief insight of your creative work.




Triangulation Meditation

The Antakharana

6th March 2014, Thursday

7.15 p.m. - 8.15 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM120

Learn a meditation technique that can be done daily in order to clear and strengthen your light body. Brought to us by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey, this meditation helps in cleansing and widening the CentralCanal, releasing thought form / psychic debris, clearing karmic debt as well as activating the chakras.

Allow the meditation and the strengthening of the antakharana to help you connect to the source of Divine or Cosmic Energy.

Notes and diagrams will be provided. A meditation will be conducted for you to experience connection with Cosmic Consciousness.

Immortality Exercise


7th March 2014, Friday

7.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM120

Physical Immortality will become 'an idea whose time has come'. What has been available to the individual will become available to the masses - we are in the process of an evolutionary leap of the mass consciousness.

A technique practiced by the ancient sages, the Immortality Exercise restores the individual to optimal human form resulting in:

ª deep inner peace

ª strength & stability

ª physical immortality

The activities in this workshop are simple and yet effective. They aimed to help us move toward longevity activation - building health, strength and accelerated well-being.

Please bring a picture of yourself at a younger age, e.g. when you were 16 yrs old. For your comfort, please bring yoga mat, cushion and blanket, and wear loose comfortable clothing and plenty of water for drinking.

Living Light Energy (Sekhem)

Foundation Level

with Master / Teacher RUBY T ONG


8th - 9th March 2014, Thursday

10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM1,200
Early Bird: RM1,000

LIVING LIGHT ENERGY (Sekhem) - A Form of Ancient Egyptian Healing

In the Beginning

Living Light Energy (Sekhem) is a form of Ancient Egyptian Healing. It has developed over the centuries and was taught as part of the spiritual practices in the Temples of Ancient Egypt.

Egypt was then the cultural centre of the world where everyone sought wisdom and learning, and scholars came far and wide to study in the temples. However, few made it through the arduous process of initiation into the Priesthood. Some did succeed and took their teachings back to their homelands where they taught others the sacred art of healing of mysticism. Over the years, the teachings changed as the teachers developed and grew with their philosophy until each system had its own distinctive feel and energy.

The Living Light healing energy is associated with the Egyptian lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, the Guardian and Protector of this energy. She is strongly linked with the star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and, according to myth and legend, was present at the creation of our universe. This Goddess is the Bringer of Destruction and Healing, as she is both the Patroness of War and Healing Sciences, and despite the many myths of destruction, she is also considered to be the Goddess of Regeneration and Healing.

Sekhmet destroys that which no longer serves us, so that we can build on a new foundation. Sekhmet also helps us with the transformation in our lives and breaking down old worn out patterns, which no longer serve us.

Sekhem means the Power of Powers and it is connected with our own empowerment for both healing and spiritual development. Once initiated, all our healing work improves exponentially. In a spiritual sense, it equates with Chi, Ki and Prana.

Hence today there are many systems, which are all very similar, yet have their own distinct vibration frequency. There is only one source; all these are just different ways of accessing it.

Although similar to Reiki in that it is channelled energy from source, the Living Light Energy or Sekhem is channelled in a different way and has a much higher vibration. When you go to the Temples, they are covered in hieroglyphs of the Gods receiving healing sessions and initiations into different sacred orders. References have been made to Sekhem in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and in ancient scrolls found in the ruins of the temples and the pyramids.

How does the Living Light Energy work?

The Living Light Energy works to harmonize and balance all aspects of a person's being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, thus supporting the bodies' own natural healing processes.

Healing with the hands, where energy passes through the healer and into the patient's energy field and body, has been used for centuries to improve people's health.

All life generates an energy field around it. This field contains information about the physical form it surrounds: the state of a person's body, mind, and emotional and spiritual development. A Living Light Energy healer can sense or tune in to this field and read this information. They then direct the energy into the field to promote healing and well being.

The physical body and the different layers of the energy field are connected by the chakras, rotating energy centres situated at the core. Each of these centres is connected to a particular layer in the energetic body and to specific organs, glands and systems in the physical body. They also relate to a person's psychological patterns, such as relationships with our family and friends, our self-esteem, our ability to show unconditional love and our willingness to express our feelings. Just like the individual layers of the energy field, each chakra contains information, which can be read by a Living Light Energy practitioner.

In Living Light Energy healing, a person is viewed as a whole energetic system with the physical body at the core. However, a Living Light Energy healer would work more specifically in the energy body, or aura, as it is here that illness first begins as a blockage in one of the energetic bodies or layers.

In Living Light Energy (Sekhem), healing is seen very much as a two way process. It is a way of supporting a person during their own healing journey. The Living Light energy is taken by the client at the level of the higher self, so only the exact amount needed is taken. The Living Light Energy cannot be given if it is not wanted, and neither can a Living Light Energy practitioner heal a person if that person chooses (for whatever reason) not to be healed.

Illness is the way that our higher self shows us that something in our lifestyle is not working, or serving us well, and until we acknowledge that, our body will not heal. This is why Living Light Energy (Sekhem) practitioners often use some form of counselling alongside the hands-on-healing, as each process supports the other. In this way, the energy can be a wonderful personal development tool. This aspect of Living Light Energy is taken even further if a client wishes to attend a Living Light Energy (Sekhem) course. People become empowered when they are able to direct subtle energies to affect their own healing.

The Living Light Energy (Sekhem) employs 3D symbols, which are linked to the science of the pyramids. This energy is fundamentally unconditional love in its pure form. The symbols include access to inter-dimensional portals. In healing sessions, the practitioner will places their hands on or near to the body and passes the Living Light (Sekhem) energy to the recipient. Although from a very high level, it is also grounding as a bridge is formed between Heaven and Earth.

The experience is inspirational, healing and sometimes profoundly spiritual.

The Living Light Energy (Sekhem) encourages a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Some people experience warmth and tingling sensations as the energy is being moved around the body. The energy comes through in the way most appropriate for each student or person receiving healing. The energy is powerful, dynamic and expansive, yet at the same time, beautiful, gentle, feminine and loving. The unconditional love it works with supports and nurtures you whilst helping you to change.

It helps with stress relief, accelerates healing, promotes self-awareness, helps to prevent ill health, promotes a positive attitude, and helps to detoxify the body and many other conditions without being intrusive.

How Do You Learn the Living Light Energy (Sekhem)?

The Living Light Energy (Sekhem) is passed on from Master to student through initiations.

You do not have to have done Reiki or any other energy system before doing Sekhem. In these courses you become more aware of the universal energies and how you can use them to your benefit. The training is very comprehensive and you will learn, be initiated to the energies, find out about the human energy field and the chakras, learn how to sense your own aura and other people's, become more energy aware, learn how your body speaks your mind, find out about sacred symbols for healing, practise using the energy on each other.

These courses are experiential and will be different for each person. The training is split into four levels and after the training you will also be able to incorporate your newfound awareness into your life with amazing results. Allow a minimum period of three to six months between each level in order to become thoroughly experienced with the work of this beautiful energy.


Living Light Energy (Sekhem) Healing Session with Ruby T Ong

10th - 15th March 2014

By Appointment

Abundance Exchange:

RM300 (60 - 90 minutes)

Everyone arises from a session feeling very relaxed and with a deep sense of well being. The person receives exactly what is appropriate for them because it is the energy working in concert with your Spirit that creates the healing.

You receive the healing while lying comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner channels the energy by gently placing their hands in different locations on the body or slightly above the body.

Healing is not curing in the traditional sense and everyone experiences something different when working with these energies.

For some it offers immediate relief from physical pain, calm to agitated mind and emotions, or a different way of seeing our problems. For others the healing is more subtle where in the days and weeks following, you have a realization of transformation inside yourself as well as in your life. Gentle, yet powerful and significant shifts in awareness along with new revelations occur.

As the energies refill and balance you, you connect more fully to your Spirit and experience the healing happening on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Before doors appeared closed and locked. Now - new choices are possible and effortless and you are forever changed.

Individual sessions generally run 1 to 1 ½ hours and begin with a time to share and discuss what is going on in your life. Some people choose to come weekly when they are feeling stuck, or in transition. Others come monthly for a "tune-up." One session can also be sufficient to reveal what is needed next in your life.

Benefits of Sekhem

Sekhem Healing accelerates the body's natural ability to heal itself on all levels and at the same time promotes feelings of deep relaxation and well-being.

  • Relieves physical pain
  • Reduces and releases stress and tension
  • Lessens feelings of anxiety, fear and depression
  • Promotes feelings of calmness and clarity
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Assists and opens us to achieving our highest potential
  • Promotes and strengthens intuition and creativity
  • Supports during the grieving process and life transitions
  • Releases blockages at all levels

Balances our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies.

To join the Living Light Energy (Sekhem) Foundation Level workshop and / or book a private session, please call LifeWorks on 04-2108771

About Ruby Ong


Ruby T. Ong is an experienced healer and caring teacher who takes pride in empowering the individual to maximize their own potential. She believes that, with self-empowerment, people will be more aware that they have a response-ability to live their life with their vision of faith. She is also well trained in different levels of Pranic Healing. Her personal public relations consultancy M V Reach Communications is a major organizer of holistic events in Hong Kong.

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