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Date: 15 Dec 2011
Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Energy Exchange: RM 75.00 (Special offer: bring a friend with you and pay RM60 each!)

GOAL OF THIS PRESENTATION: Set in a safe and caring environment, this workshop aims to allow the participants to share in this process of discovery, not necessarily to inform, complain, or reveal their deepest secrets.

Why wait till an adversity to occur in order to wake up to the reality of life? The reflective moment is an opportunity to offer oneself a quiet period during the day to seek peace, comfort, healing ... and above all, to put your life in tune with the Divine.

The purpose of giving ourselves a reflective moment is to look back on an experience and determine its meaning or significance in light of our life.

Reflection can be a meaningful exercise when we reflect carefully about what the event or idea means for us and our ongoing progress as a learner in this University of Life.

It is more of a personal exercise than other kinds of mental task. In the process of reflecting, we may come to realize the many moments of adversities that we had gone through and that we can transform these adversities into an aid to spiritual awakening.

There won't be group sharing after working on the exercises. The objective is to instill a process of reflecting, learning, growing and moving on with our life with higher consciousness.

About Ruby Ong

Ruby T. Ong is an experienced healer and caring teacher who takes pride in empowering the individual to maximize their own potential. She believes that, with self-empowerment, people will be more aware that they have a response-ability to live their life with their vision of faith. She is also well trained in different levels of Pranic Healing. Her personal public relations consultancy M V Reach Communications is a major organizer of holistic events in Hong Kong.

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