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Chakra Meditation & Activation - Understanding 12 Chakra System
with Sarah-Joy Amin

19th November 2016
Abundance Exchange: RM33
(Please Register before 14th of November 2016)


I am delighted to offer for the first time a full Chakra Meditation while introducing participants to the 12-13 Multi-dimensional Chakra System which I studied recently with a world renown channeller and Chakra Energy Healer Solara Anra.

While most people are familiar with the seven major personal chakras, not many are aware of the external chakras that connect us to our Multi-dimensional Being. These are the 3 chakras above our crown and the 2 lower chakras including the Sacred Heart chakra. Through these external chakras we are better able to connect with our multi-dimensional selves in a more clear and effective way.

The Meditation will help you connect with your 7 personal chakras and the 5 external chakras including strengthening and cleansing your auric field. You will feel more grounded yet connected to your Higher Self after the session.

Come in loose clothes. Relax during the session. Bring your crystals if you wish to have additional support during your meditation session.

With love and light, Namaste! Sarah-Joy

About Sarah-Joy Amin


Sarah-Joy is a yoga instructor in the Chakra Yoga tradition and teaches a more holistic form of yoga integrating the physical with the mental, emotional and spiritual, through yoga and chakra energy healing and balancing. She is part of the Inner Dance global community and has been practising since early 2010. She encountered Inner Dance over a decade ago, but immersed herself more intensely in the process since early 2010 and after meeting Pi Villaraza, Inner Dance Founder in the Philippines in Oct 2012.

Inner Dance has complemented Sarah-Joy's yoga practice as both traditions bring the yin and yang, the inner and the outer together, blending form and flow into a holistic healing and transformation journey. She took the Inner Dance facilitator training in early 2015 and subsequently an advance workshop recently this June. Since 1992, Sarah-Joy has worked with women and child health and civil society organisations for over 20 years, enabling women and people's empowerment, gender and social justice, health and well-being. She was the Director of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) since 2010, its co-director since 1997 and is currently a consultant to WABA. She is now living her aspiration of bringing her experience of the last two decades and her own spiritual/transformative journey into creating opportunities that help in people's healing and personal transformation.

For more see also:www.facebook.com/SarahJoyAmin.ChakraYoga


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