Events> Meditation: A Reconnection with to the Star Gates

Personal Healing & Activation Sessions
Date: 29th January 2013 (Monday)
11am - 12.30 noon
2.30pm - 4pm
4pm - 6.30pm
7.30pm - 9 pm
Energy Exchange: RM 360 for 90 mins

A clearing of the Spinal Column and Major Energy Centers

Karmic Healing for all toxic imprints

Releasing ancestral and bloodline programmings

Opening of the Crown and Heart Centers

Reconnection to the Star Gates and Ocean/Earth Gate

Retrieval of Gifts and Insights

Tarot divination, as guided




Sherwin Ng is a channel for Poseidon and Isis of Early Atlantis, and is now guided to offer activations for self-healing and reconnection to the Star Gates and Atlantis activation and expansion that is expected to occur at a more physical and cellular level, with special focus on the human Oceanic Body. He works closely with the Four Elements, and also trains and mentors others in healing, manifestation, and divination.

Sherwin is the founder of the House of Kite. To learn more, tune-in to Inspire.fm

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