Events> Meditation: A Reconnection with to the Star Gates

Poseidon, channeling via Sherwin Ng
Date: 28th January 2013 (Monday)
Time: 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm
Energy Exchange: RM 66

Today we reconnect the energy lines from our own Auric Field to the Star Gates Sirius, Pleiades; the Ocean Gate Atlantis, and the Earth Gate Gaya.

The Goddess Quan Yin, Lady Mary Magdelene, Tara Luminous Emerald, presides over the great Pleiadean fields, bringing into our Hearts greater capacities for Unconditional Love and Healing of Self and Others. In your own meditation, see yourself merging with the pink Lotus energy form... Always remember that you have already received the sound activations during the Circle, and that your own Field will recognize this energy signature here henceforth. Ask and you will receive.

For those who walk the Path of Sirius, guidance comes via the Masters Thoth and Isis. This is the path of wisdom, spiritual technology, and infinite awareness, and connections center about the Medulla Oblongata, Pineal Gland, and Third Eye (hypothalamus). The more spiritual wisdom you build, the greater the Light you can carry within you - and watch the world around you shift...

Ocean Gate Atlantis reaches out to those who are Master Manifestors and Co-creators of the New World (2013 henceforth). Poseidon and his Marine Guides govern this process, which is connected to the Lower Centers such as the Sacral. The great aquamarine Nagas (Neptune) are awakening, and those who serve this Gate will be called on to help rebuild/build the New World.

Ultimately today we have re-awakened our hidden potential and reconnected with all of the above-mentioned three Gates. We have also reclaimed our personal power over our Lives to relinquish what no longer serves us, and to build our Future on the foundation of Loving Light and Peace.

Regarding the Earth Gate to Gaya/Maya, some of us still serve to protect and heal the physical plane of this World. As such Gaya offers not only the Original Blueprint for the above Three Gates to reconfigure themselves to, but also an infinite resource of nourishment and abundance to her children. All standard Grounding techniques still apply for Gaya's Gate, albeit at an accelerated rate now post-2012.

We hope to remind you that from this moment forth the capacities for Love, Joy, and Miracles have expanded, and will continue to seed into the various non-realities that have been long created by the human mind which has forgotten its original Divine Self. We ask that you only open yourself to the POSSIBILITY of healing realities and dissolving non-realities via the mode of Loving Light.




Sherwin Ng is a channel for Poseidon and Isis of Early Atlantis, and is now guided to offer activations for self-healing and reconnection to the Star Gates and Atlantis activation and expansion that is expected to occur at a more physical and cellular level, with special focus on the human Oceanic Body. He works closely with the Four Elements, and also trains and mentors others in healing, manifestation, and divination.

Sherwin is the founder of the House of Kite. To learn more, tune-in to Inspire.fm

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