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The Astrology / Tree of Life Combination
The Tarot: An Initiatory Journey

By Steffan Vanel
3rd May 2013 - 10th May 2013

Introductory Talk - Metaphysical Salon With Steffan Vanel

Astrology, Tarot, The Tree of Life,
The Purpose of Existence,
Answers to Life's Persistent Questions!

3rd May 2013 (Friday) 7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Come hear Astrologer and Jungian/Kabbalistic Tarot Reader and Teacher, Steffan Vanel, share the keys to the wisdom, knowledge and practice of the relationship between the cards of the Tarot, the pathways of the Tree of Life, the unique Astrological and other Metaphysical correspondences⦠through which we can enter into a journey of profound discovery of ourselves, the purpose of our existence and of our Universe.

Audience are invited to come with an openness to interaction/questions.


The Tarot: An Initiatory Journey

4th May 2013 (Saturday) 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Abundance Exchange: RM450


The eminent psychologist Carl Gustav Jung referred to the Tarot as a collection of "Transformation Archetypes." In the view of Tarot reader and teacher Steffan Vanel, the experience of the Tarot as transformational archetypes is a particularly appropriate description of the 22 Major Arcana cards (i.e.: the Fool, the Lovers, the Empress, etc.), especially when experienced as pathways of Initiation on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with correspondences to Astrological Signs and Planets.

Join Steffan as he introduces the knowledge of this system and conveys the participants on a journey of insight and transformation through these 22 archetypal doorways, from the Earthly Kingdom to the Crown of Creation

No prior knowledge of the Tarot is necessary for this workshop.


Astrology & Tarot Personal Consultations
3rd - 10th May 2013 (Friday - Friday)
By Appointment

Pentacross Tarot Reading
Duration: 30 minutes
Abundance Exchange: RM90

A 30 minute Tarot Card Reading revealing a view of what is going on in your life, what your lessons are, what can help you, what's ahead in your future.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading
Duration: 60 minutes
Abundance Exchange: RM150

A 60 minute Tarot Reading revealing past, present, future,conscious and unconscious energies, influences of people or factors in your outer environment, hopes or fears, possible outcome and answers to specific questions/decisions.


Tree of Life Reading
Duration: 2 hours
Abundance Exchange: RM300

This is a two hour Tarot Reading which is Steffan's special development. Based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, it is a very comprehensive and intensive reading, said to be like six months of therapy in two hours. It incorporates many concepts from Jungian Depth Psychology.

Astrology Reading**
Duration: 2 hours
Abundance Exchange: RM380

Having studied both Psychological Astrology and the Karmic Astrology received from the Ascended Master Hilarion, Steffan can show not only personal characteristics and potentials, but also the karmic lessons and experiences your soul agreed to work on and grow through in this lifetime. Includes the influencing 'transits' for the coming year

The Astrology / Tree of Life Reading**
Duration: 3 hours
Abundance Exchange: RM600

Steffan says that this is the best that he can do for someone. Through your Astrological Chart he can show what you agreed to work on in this lifetime and what your current Astrological âexamsâ are. With the Tree of Life reading he can provide a full view of how your are doing now, psychologically and spiritually. This constitutes a whole new way of working, Astrology and Tarot together.

* Upon booking, clients are requested to submit their date, time and place of birth as well as the name that they want to be printed on the chart.



Steffan Vanel is an Astrologer and Jungian/Kabbalistic Tarot Reader in professional practice since 1984.

He is the author of: The Astrological Karma of the USA, Charles & Diana: The Inside Story: An Astrological-Karmic View, the Spiritual Company Newsletter, and Starwise Monthly Forecast.

Steffan is known for his ability to relay profound concepts in simple terms, along with an engaging sense of humor!

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