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Private & Group Healing Session with Tracy Radley
12th June - 27th June 2017


to listen / experience Tracy Radley's
Light Language Audio Tranmission




23th, 24th June 2017
3.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.


What is Light Language?


In short, Light Language is the name given to higher vibrational energies (from celestial realms), which can be channelled in the form of singings, toning, speaking, writing, symbols and images. It has the power to help you activate and integrate higher levels of consciousness, without you doing anything except being open to receive.

As a multidimensional, universal language, Light Language in all its forms speaks directly to your heart/soul/higher self, reminding you "Who You Are".

It bypasses the obstacles the ego mind creates, allowing a clear, unhindered line of communication for deep and powerful healing. It is not important for your eyes or ears to logically understand, as the vibrations sent through Light Language speak the purity of love and truth, which your heart speaks fluently.

Light Languages hold the keys and codes to change your cells, reawaken dormant DNA, clear karmic blocks, along with past and present traumas. It deals with the subconscious, works in the energy bodies and throughout different dimensions, all to create the shifts you are ready to receive for your soul's expansion and transformation.

One of Tracy's clients has referred to her Light Language singing, toning and speaking experience during a session as: "Words cannot explain what can only be described as a personal Experience with Soul"


Healing in a Group Session

More than a meditation- this unique "Experience" will take you on an inner journey to reconnect with your heart and soul, allowing you to receive profound, deep level healing which goes beyond what mere words can describe. It is a symphony of pure love, light & sound via Light Language transmission. Intuitively integrated with numerous proven healing techniques, including psychic surgery, small group Light Language healing sessions enable you to experience deep transformation from the inside out. Feel empowered, improve your health and grow in awareness!

In a safe and nurturing environment, just lay back, relax and let the journey begin.

What clients have said: "Tracy's Singing is like an Angel speaking to my Soul."

"It's like the Nurturing of a Mother to her Divine Child in words only understood by the Heart".

As all sessions vary, if time allows, group mentoring discussions may take place after the healing.




Your Intuitive Light Language Sound Healing session is truly unique, as it is personally tailored to your needs in the moment. Tracy is intuitively guided to go with your flow.

In a session you may be gently guided to "EXPERIENCE" deep connection to heart and soul through the loving, nurturing tones, singing and words of the Light Language frequencies, combined with psychic surgery or a more cognitive holistic approach to support you through change and challenges. In most cases, it's a combination of both.

Tracy's exceptional processes assist you to remove subconscious life blocks, creating healing across physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Hence, lifting the baggage to bring a sense of peace, calm and clarity, while enhancing your inner wisdom and understanding, shifting you to a higher state of awareness to enjoy life as your soul progresses.

Some results from Tracy's sessions have included:

  • Improved sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Released stress & tension
  • Reduced & removed chronic pain & illness
  • Gentle release of grief, anger & "others" baggage
  • Increased confidence, clarity & vitality
  • Connection to heart & soul
  • Increased intuition
  • Feeling loved, understood & supported

Simply lay back and relax as you go through a gentle, non-invasive process to clear the past, master the present and create a brighter future.




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About Tracy Radley


Tracy Radley is an International Intuitive Light Language (Soul Voice) Sound Healer - Life Mentor - Inspirational Speaker and Freelance Volunteer originating from Australia. Tracy's path has led her to surrender attachment to earthly securities to travel, expand and share her unique gifts and expertise to help you "Unlock Your Inner Power & Create Your Dreams" ™.

Through a holistic approach, incorporating both logical and spiritual tools, Tracy tailors her services specifically to your unique needs, supporting you to shift your blocks to living the life you truly came here to lead.

With the ability to work with past, present and future, to channel guidance and the powerful, loving and profoundly healing energies of Light Language from the Angelic and Star realms, your life's calling can be reactivated as you reconnect with heart and soul. Tracy herself has been through the tests and trials of taking the "Leap of Faith" numerous times in her everyday life to be here now to help guide your way.

Forced from within to "Step Outside the Square" to follow the unwritten map of her higher calling, Tracy left the securities of a home, comforts, income, family and friends in 2010 creating experiences for growth and expansion. So Tracy has firsthand experiences of the challenges faced when doubt, fears of the unknown, loss of control, loss of loved ones and resistance to change kick in. Yet she is now stronger, wiser and happier from the inside out, with a clear understanding of who she is and why she is here.

So if you want to move beyond your current limitations, which keep you stagnant. Or if you believe there is something more for you. Then allow Tracy to help gently guide you to reconnect with your inner sense of power, confidence and courage. If you want to discover tools to help you realign and live your soul purpose of limitlessness, joy and abundance, then book an appointment with Tracy today. Let Tracy's journey shine a light on the possibilities life has in store for you.

Be supported, uplifted and inspired!


Paying it forward: Part proceeds for all Tracy's products and services support "Heart Felt" volunteer projects est. in 2010.

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