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Visiting Practitioners - April 2013
Zeo Sheehan


Channeled Akashic Record Reading
Soul Path Clearing
Heart Union Healing
Freedom For Your Soul

Date: 2nd - 7thApril 2013

Evening Introduction Talk & Taste of Akashic Reading
Date: 2ndApril 2013 (Tuesday), 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Zeo Sheehan is a divine channel, spiritual healer/teacher as well as a designer and artist. His mission is to bring more Joy to this planet by helping people to accelerate their consciousness in a positive way and assist with the alignment to ones purpose and the manifestation of ones heart dreaming on the physical plane.

During the Introductory talk, Zeo will provide an overview about his work and experience on Akashic records. He will speak about Akashic records and how it relates to your current experience, the workshops he will offer plus what you can expect to receive in his healing sessions. A taste of channeled Akashic record reading included.

There will be an open workshop and private session available throughout the week.

For more information on his workshop and his Private Session, please Click Here to Download.

Below is his available time for his Private Session and Workshop:

Private Session Available Time Slot:




11am 1pm


2pm 4pm

 Late Afternoon 

 4.30pm 6.30pm 

Please schedule an Appointment with Us to confirm your date and time slot. First Come First Serve Basis

Workshop Schedule:


Date / Time


Abundance Exchange


2nd April 2013
 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm 

Evening Introduction talk & taste of Akashic reading



4th April 2013
 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm 

Heart Mind alignment

RM 150


6th April 2013
 2 pm - 6pm 

Crystalline Transmissions

RM 222


7th April 2013
&nbsp1 pm - 5 pm 

Empowering Your Earth Connection

RM 222



Zeo has 15 years of experience & dedication in the area of spirituality, healing and natural health. He has a special interest in crystal energy and healing and has been training and working closely with the enlightened spiritual beings known as the Ascended Masters since 2003. Starting with an in-depth study and exploration of Tibetan Buddhism in 1994, his path has led to a deep understanding of spiritual consciousness and the steps that are necessary to embrace one's divine nature step by step.

To make the journey of marrying the physical life with the world of spirit a graceful experience, Zeo facilitates channeled 1-on-1 sessions, a variety of workshops and gemstone healing jewellery for anyone who would like to accelerate their journey and actively create the most harmonious and fulfilled life that is possible. Part of this is helping others in a compassionate way to surrender and accept divine assistance, to open to more trust and to the knowing that a joyous life-experience here on earth is indeed within ones personal reach.

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