Yen Koo - Aromatherapy Massage

Come and Pamper Yourself with Yen Koo's healing hands - Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage.


Yen Koo - Aromatherapy Massage
By Appointment


Yen Koo - Aromatherapy Massage
By Appointment

Ultimate Indulgence
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Using essential oils, tailor made blends for individual’s need. A mix technique will be used for the massage.

2 hours therapy RM 300
3 hours therapy RM 428
4 hours therapy RM 468


Special “Pick Me Up”
Treatment for Yourself

75 Mins Treatment on the Back includes Scrub & Massage
(Aroma Sea Salt Scrub + Anti Stress Blend for Massage)


  • Relief Congestion
  • Smoothen Energy Flow
  • Enhance Vitality
  • Relieve Muscular Fatigue
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Improve Immune system
  • Destress

About Yen Koo


Born and bred in Klang, Selangor, Yen came from a humble background where she subsequently became a certified aromatherapist in Australia. Although she considers herself very much a dynamic lady, she is equally blessed with a pair of tender loving hands that have helped heal many lives.

Having a passion for aromatherapy, she then went on to pursue the art at a renowned aromatherapy centre called Essence of Australia (needs further information). Personally trained by the founders of the company, Judy White and Karen Day, she was then accredited as a certified aromatherapist. Her training included understanding the usage and benefits of essential oils as well as their proper applications. She also underwent training at Eve Taylor in London, a family-run cosmetic company founded in 1968 which specialises in aromatherapy oil.

In addition, Yen has undergone numerous workshops to continue upgrading her skills. For example, she went on to learn Swedish massage techniques at Nature Care College of Naturopathic and Traditional Medicine. She also underwent training as a beautician with the Dermal Esthetica Advanced School of Beauty Therapy and the Dermalogica skin care system training which is researched and developed buy the International Dermal Institute. With all the know-hows she had accumulated, Yen then pursued a career as an aromatherapist in Australia for 10 years.

Yen then moved back to Malaysia where she and her sister started their very first aesthetic centre. The centre provides facial and massages services infused with essential oils that are blended according to individual needs.

Subsequently, Yen relocated to Africa where she took up Reiki, a form of spiritual healing dealing with energy. Combined with essential oils, the resulting massage is so powerful that it can heal depression and inner injuries with her therapeutic touch