Astrotheraphy by Prabava Chaitanya

Prabava - Astrotheraphy 
Prabava - Astrotheraphy 

Private Session
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange: RM250

This Session requires 2 days

Day 1 - Interpreting / Analysing of Astrology Chart
Analyzing of your character and personality, past and future forecasting, explaining of blockage in your life.

Day 2 - Remedy / Solution

Initiation of Chakras, Mantras to harmonise your energies.

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Astrotheraphy is an intensive 15 days Spiritual Sadhana where you will be given various time-bound rituals which will enable you to work through your Dhosha Nivardhi: Its is a method to identify and rectify the blockages in your life through the use of the Horoscope chart. It also works on spiritual remedies which can produce bountiful benefits.

Astrotheraphy contains 6 combinations of therapies which help you to excel in all aspects of your life.

Benefits of Astrotheraphy

  • Changes of your thinking pattern
  • Realigns the receiving system
  • Creates confluence between Body & Mind
  • Gets you into a conducive atmosphere to achieve your goals
  • You become more aware of your thoughts


  • You will be taught how to chant your planet mantras with proper pronunciation
  • Daily mantras for Lifetime
  • Regular Mentoring
  • Achieve a more disciplined lifestyle in all 5 levels of your personality
  • You will be given clear knowledge about your birth chart and future life events
  • Spiritual remedies
  • Increased brain capacity by being open to receive

Requirements for drafting your personal chart (horoscope)

Name |  Date of Birth |  Place of Birth |  Time of Birth

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About Prabava Chaitanya
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  • Astrologer
  • Astro-therapist
  • Hatha Yogi
  • Vedanthi
  • Accupunturist
  • Reiki Healer
  • Spiritual advisor
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  • Co-founder of Jeevaadhaar Ashram

Panchakosha vidya trainer who aims at spreading the highest spiritual knowledge through his services.