Journey to Your Divine Spark - Phil Mah

Journey to the Divine Spark - Part 1 with Phil Mah
Journey to the Divine Spark - Part 1 with Phil Mah

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Have you ever feel like when everything in your life is seem like on going on the right track, but you still feel like something is lagging ?

Have you ever get the feeling that even though the path you are working on looks fine to everybody, include yourself, but it is just like there is still an internal force or value which is still knocking on your mind, like something your are with born naturally are waiting for you to discover on them, and to complete certain tasks, to achieve One Completeness in your life ?

Above is the reason of this course, we would like to bring you into an internal journey yourself, and let you discover yourself your long forget Unique Value, and realise back the task your internal want to complete at this moment, or even realise back your with born task and role to play and complete in this life.

Once you realise on this, you will have better understanding and wisdom to make right choices in your life, making the correct choices that can resonance with your Unique Value and with born tasks, and make your core energy field stronger, healthier and more co-resonance in your life path, and able to contribute to the society and the Universe in a more positive way. In other words, make you a happier person that able to live resonantly with your Unique Value and at the same time co-resonace and contribute to others.

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About Phil Mah


Phil practiced yogi meditation since about 16 years back, after the 1st taste of meditation, it can’t stop, and he has gone to many different states of meditation since then, and has 2 times out of body experience also while meditating, this has lead him to an exploration journey to more different practice of meditation, include Tibetan Buddhist meditation & Sun meditation. During his journey of inner self and different practices, he also come across with clinical and scientific proven hypnotherapy practice, which is working on a more scientific base and experimental base for inner self and others outer and inner realms journey and realization study. Thus, he has picked up the learning and certified as Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regressionist by GHSC, UK.

Since Phil background is from engineering and entrepreneur basis, he has combine both the inner self journey experience and logic thinking mind, to make the inner self journey experience to function and enhance on our conscious daily life, especially on the roles and careers we are with born to perform in this Universe existence.

Personal Background :

  • At the present moment, a Business Person
  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

Hypnotherapy Background :

  • Certified Regressionist , GHSC , UK
  • Certified Clinical Hynotherapist ,  GHSC , UK