Ky'lama Telos - Private Session & Workshop

Ky'lama Telos - Private Session & Workshop November 2019
Ky'lama Telos - Private Session & Workshop November 2019



  meet kylama 10 November 2019, 2.30pm
60mins to 80mins

Ky’lama will be offering a preview of his work in Penang.

2020 Calendar year astrologically is going to be very challenging. Many issues, imbalances and blockages that have been buried within the unconscious and subconscious are going to be brought to the surface due to the astrological alignments and the consequent vibrational field that is created. Apart from a continuation of natural disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis, bush fires and super storms there will be political and governmental upheavals, financial and currency instabilities and generally an environment that will create a lot of fear around the world.

There will be a necessity to find security and stability within yourself.

This requires a need for preparation, for healing, for going within and examining what you are not balanced about. What within you feels unresolved. Where is it I don’t feel good about myself. This will be a time of being willing to forgive yourself, to love yourself and to heal your heart and align with your soul’s highest expression of Mastery.

Ky’lama‘s work is about healing and uniting all within in oneness.

He will be offering on this Penang trip individual healing sessions and group events that support you to become more in oneness and heart connection and the support for overcoming challenges and issues that you may presently be facing.

Ky’lama is a channel of divine healing energies and he creates a sacred space to hold you as you receive dispensations and blessings to support you to move through challenges and be all that you are able to be.



11:11 Meditation Activation

11th November 2019 - Monday
7.15pm to 9.15pm

Abundance Exchange: RM 166


This day has become associated with Master Activations.

What 11:11 signifies is the attuning of your intuition to higher realms and the opening of your consciousness to be more in tune with your higher self guidance and the opportunity to know more about who you are as soul.

11:11 is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths.

This energy is magnified on the 11 November date.

The master number 11 is also related to spirituality, illumination, and a balancing of opposites/polarities such as male and female, active and passive, love and fear.

It is a powerful day for rebalancing our inner dynamics and allowing new energies to support change.

We are being encouraged to identify with ourselves as more than just a physical body but to know ourselves more as a spiritual essence having a human experience. Integrating the power of our spirit with our earthly body human experience.

We are being encouraged to release old habits, addictions, restrictions and limitations and embrace the essence of our soul as a pure light being.

The Earth is undergoing great changes because the planetary divine plan is about bringing an enlightened way of life to Earth. This enlightened way asks for greater integrity in the way our countries are governed. Abandoning values of greed and materiality and aligning with values of co operation, renewables, recyclability, upcycling, sustainability, conscious awareness about consumption, and a willingness to make vast fundamental changes in the way we invest our time and money in order to support the sustainability of our Earth beyond the next 20 years.

We ourselves are being asked to bring an integrity to our lives that transcend the limitations that fear creates.

11:11 is a day to support the dissolving of the duality. Come and Be Blessed.

Ky’lama is a channel of divine healing energies and he creates a sacred space to hold you as you receive dispensations and blessings to support you to move through challenges and be all that you are able to be.

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Transcendance and a New Human Blueprint

13th November 2019 - Wednesday 
7.15pm to 9.15pm

Abundance Exchange: RM 166


The energies that we have negotiating this last 18 months are calling us to move to a state of transcendence. We are in the field of infinite possibilities. Transcendence can be described as moving beyond ordinary limitations. Creating an extraordinary life for ourselves. Moving into the space of aligning with who we truly are and what our potential is drawing us towards as a soul incarnated on the earth at this time of major global transition.

Our own unique signature as a soul calls us to express this in the most authentic way so that we shine our light out in the world in a way we are truly meant to.

Allowing ourselves to hear our inner heart calling. What is the message speaking to us. We are beginning to hear this sound louder. If you are not hearing at the moment then you soon will. AS you open up and reach your divine timing point in your life the picture will start forming in front of you.

We are at a point where profound changes are occurring in our own divine encodements. These are being facilitated by the powerful downloads emanating from The Great Central Sun and beyond as the Earth is now receiving through a 22 Sun system that activates our codes from star systems and realms that are a long way away and we weren’t previously able to access. Such is the power of our transformation potential that we are expanding way beyond old time space realities.

This session is going to offer an opportunity to receive energies that will support our alignment to our Higher Self Divine Presence. It will be a unique attuning for us that will filter out some of the things that no longer serve us in a more sophisticated way than what we have received previously. There will be a greater fine tuning of our antenna to our true self so that it supports us to connect to our narrative, our own script and who we are as a being. This is a very personal process that supports us in our alignment to greater wisdom and knowledge and our unique gifts.

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Pathway to Mastery

16th November 2019 - Saturday 
2.00pm to 6.00pm

Abundance Exchange: RM 388


Ky’lama is offering this session as a doorway to recognising the self as a Master and the reflection others bring to us and what opportunities we have to embrace more and more our larger self.

We are at present on a dynamic journey of change. We are all the time entering new energy fields as our solar system realigns with Earth in its orbit around the Sun. The Sun is our gateway to other dimensions and the light that enlightens our world. Now our Earth is being influenced by a larger Sun system encompassing 22 Suns that bring light from beyond the beyond that previously we would not have been able to access or experience.

We are being called upon to embrace change. To be resilient to change. To be flexible to be ever expanding and opening to new parts of our inner self. Our inner self at this time is like a cosmos within us. A reflection of the embracing of all the outer worlds as they bring their knowledge wisdom and higher truth to us so that we may see, feel and know deeper change and the potential it not only brings to our own inner journey but what is changing and needing to change for the planet to survive and indeed thrive in this new age that we are entering.

This new age is of oneness. Identifying diversity as one part of the whole. Accepting differences and being excited by individual soul expression as the teacher for our future self.  Embracing inter generational influence as a conduit for change and new doorways opening within and in our outer world.

Pathway to Mastery is observing these influences and being able to be in the flow and allow what it is that we need to be moved by or what we as creators need to birth and introduce as our puzzle piece in the world.

Ky’lama’s work is about initiating shifts in energy for others. He is a channel of divine healing energy that supports healing and integration within and accelerates the ability to open to new ways of being. He creates a vessel for safe support to occur so that new realisations birth and new opportunities exist for life changing moments to appear, magical moments to begin to occur if you are ready to allow.

We are our own creator of our reality. Be your divine creator self on your journey of life that uplifts and excites you beyond your present reality.

Come and Be Blessed.

Please bring a notepad/journal/paper, a pen, water and comfortable clothing.

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Attunement Master Healing Sessions

10th November - 15th November 2019 
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange: RM 700
(120 minutes)


Ky’lama is a channel of divine healing energy.

Ky’lama’s Attunement Master Healing Sessions are a blessing to your soul.

The sessions are conducted through a field of energy transference that creates a quantum shift in your consciousness. Ky’lama will assist you to create a clear intention and objective for the session and will tune in and read the energy of what is occurring and assist with creating a space of deep communion, resolution and healing of what is occurring.

Ky’lama will assist in gaining clarity, deeper self acceptance and love, and bring you into a space of deeper inner harmony and a path to greater fulfillment.

Ky’lama’s sessions are all unique - no two are the same. Ky’lama intuitively connects to your energy field and looks at what is challenging you at the time and creates a field of energy around you calling in assistance from the Angelic realms, the Celestial realms and the Ascended Masters to transform what is happening for you so that you are supported to move forward in your life.

The energy that is transmitted in the sessions is a crystalline high frequency encoded vibrational wave(s) of sound, light and love. It is channelled by Ky’lama’s Presence and guides as they create these energies to address the imbalances that are being focused on in the session. What you receive in the session is beyond the mind and you receive much more than it is possible to fully describe due to the subtle refined and complex nature of the energies. This is why it is described as a divine blessing because it stretches far beyond what is stated or spoken.

Ky’lama supports you to be your potential.

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Akashic Heart Readings

10th November - 15th November 2019 
By Appointment

Abundance Exchange: RM 450
(60 - 70 minutes)

Ky’lama is offering Akashic Heart Readings.

Ky’lama’s Akashic Heart readings reveal what is the inner challenge you are facing at this time. What other influences underline your process in the present moment.

Ky’lama will address these issues through creating a field of higher consciousness and healing around you and through the assistance of the Emissaries of Light will bring to you an experience that resets your soul and aligns it to a field of greater potential, peace and harmony.

Ky’lama’s sessions envelop you in Love and bring you back to your own essence and the experience of yourself as a being of consciousness and light and supports you in taking steps in your life that support a future with greater harmony, oneness, Presence and peace.

Ky’lama can support you to find clarity in your life and to assist you to understand better your future direction and path. 

Ky’lama’s sessions are presented as a meditation and takes you into a space of greater oneness.


About Ky'lama Telos


Ky’lama is a very gifted multi dimensional healer that works with The Galactic Federation of Light and Emissaries from many Star Systems and dimensions of Light.

He is dedicated to inspiring people to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift that they are to the Earth at this time.

His work is beyond time or space and facilitates quantum shifts that allow you to embrace new perspectives on life.

His work will facilitate you to move through challenges more effortlessly and begin to open to a new future that aligns your life with greater potentials. This will lead to bringing greater fulfillment to your journey and seek to connect you to a deeper sense of what your life purpose is. Ky’lama brings this experience to you in grace and humility and embraces the co creation in sharing with all that life in it’s simplest forms is truly fulfilling and joyful.

Ky’lama has received much training through the inner plane ashrams of the ascended masters and the ashrams of Shamballah and brings energetic experiences that are beyond the mind and specific time and space.

He seeks to support all whom he meets to birth within a deeper fulfilment in their life.