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Date: 19 October 2019
10:00am - 6:00pm
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Facilitator Info - Yogi Douglas Leong

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Life Code Oracle (LCO) divination tool is explained in the next section.

LCO applies the long-established chakra theory, numerology and metaphysical knowledge, supported by sacred geometry.  

It may be used to explain complex metaphysical concepts in a simple logical manner. It is a personal development oracle. 



The Life Code Card deck is a Transformation Model to our 6 primary paths of personal development. A symbol is used for each path of transformation. Each symbol relates to one of our first 6 energy centers (or chakras). 

The cards are used to divine our stage of development on each of the six paths of personal transformation. The system enables us to identify energy blocks on these 6 levels. 

In your journey 6 paths of Personal Development, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of our UNIQUE PHYSICAL BODY
  • Acknowledge your true desires and fulfilling them
  • Clear your mind of limiting false beliefs
  • Free yourselves from the past, & learn to fully experience the present moment
  • Face and deal with your challenges
  • Find your path and head in the right direction



  1. PHYSICAL: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our unique physical body, and learning how to care for our physical being. Initially we lead an inappropriate lifestyle which causes disease. However, we discover our body's real needs and change our lifestyle accordingly. Our health improves.

    The symbol for our physical body is an inverted red triangle. This denotes physical grounding and survival needs. 
  1. DESIRE: Acknowledging our true desires and fulfilling them.  

    At the beginning of the journey we are not aware of our true desire. Later we become aware of our desire, but we cannot satisfy it. During The Transition we discover how to satisfy our desire. Then we fulfil our desire and release the tension inside us.

    The symbol for true desire is an orange circle with a small seed in the center. This represents the development of a seed of desire. 
  1. MENTAL: Clearing our mind of limiting false beliefs and seeing ourselves as we really are. 

    We start our journey ignorant of subconscious limiting belief. This toxic thought form causes us disease.   

    During The Transition we acknowledge our disempowering belief and look for an appropriate way of thinking. When we see ourselves clearly, we release the disease.

    The symbol for mental transformation is a yellow cubic structure. These linear structures can ensnare us if they are limiting thoughts. 
  1. EMOTIONAL: Freeing ourselves from the past, and learning to fully experience the present moment. 

    Initially we are anchored into our past by unresolved issues, resentments and feelings of victimhood. These emotional impurities are the root cause of negative feelings and involuntary emotional reactions. When we resolve our past traumas we are free to be ourselves and live in the present moment.

    The symbol for emotional transformation is a green teardrop. 
  1. CHALLENGES: Facing and dealing with our challenges. 

    Initially we are not aware of our karmic challenges. Later we are conscious of our karmic relationships, but we either avoid or deny them. Eventually we acknowledge our need to face and deal with our karmic relationships. We empower ourselves when we learn our lesson and deal with our challenge.

    The symbol for transformation of karmic relationships is a two-way arrow.  This symbol represents cause and effect, or the relationship between our inside and outside worlds. 
  1. DIRECTION: Finding our path and heading in the right direction. 

    Initially we take an inappropriate path. Our soul guides us onto the right path, but we ignore the signs. 

    Eventually we recognize our need to change direction, so we look for practical ways of doing so. We become more empowered and complete after our change of direction.

    The symbol for transformation of direction is an upright triangle or pyramid. This symbol signifies trusting our internal guidance or sixth sense. 



We all collectively chose to play The Transformation Drama in order to experience the dynamics of motion. This action requires the implosion of the light energy into an infinitely small space, known as The Void (0). This event created the reality of a tiny spark of light in the midst of a universe of darkness.  

Our challenge in this drama is to reverse the process of implosion until we all experience enlightenment again. In order to return to Higher Self, it is necessary for all energies to undergo a transmutation process.  

We have all chosen to participate in this drama of transformation, which leads us through The Old World and The Transition to The New World.  

In The Old World we create a reality of fear through self-denial, and the belief that we need to rely upon external sources for our happiness.  

It's only when we look inside ourselves then only we can discover and expand the spark of light. We evolve ourselves as we gather self-knowledge through experience.  

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About Yogi Douglas Leong

meiyeeYogi Tenzin Douglas Leong is a Multi Dimension Bio Energy Healer, Practitioner and Teacher. He is a retired, successful businessman. As a teenager, he was exposed to Martial Arts and Psychic Healing. When he was in his thirties, he was blessed to have met with various spiritual Masters who taught him Meditation, Qigong techniques, the Art of Feng Shui, and Divine Healing.

He was trained in Pranic Healing, studied Arahatic Yoga with Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, (an internationally known expert, best selling author and teacher), Quantum Touch, Reiki and many other healing techniques from American, Western and Asian teachers. He is also trained by the PyraVastu creator, Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt in the art of Space Transformation. In the year 2003 he had a calling and was spiritually inspired to Share, Teach and do healing works.

His vision is to “create a healer in every home, so that future generations can truly have a place to live in this planet Earth”