7 Chakra Cleansing & Psychic Reading with Santhi

Santhi - Psychic Reading, Chakra Cleansing, Akashic Record Reading
Santhi - Psychic Reading, Chakra Cleansing, Akashic Record Reading


7 Chakra Cleansing Workshop
by Prabava & Santhi

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Come and get your Chakras checked for FREE 

Restoring & Balancing of Each Chakra + Mudras + Learning which essential oil to use

RM 110 per Chakra 

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Psychic Reading & Chakra Cleansing

60mins to 80mins
Abundance Exchange: RM200

Optional (If required):
Unblock Chakra & Healing per chakra

Abundance Exchange: RM70

Cleansing Bath Remedy
Abundance Exchange: RM 580

Chakra Unblocking & Toning
with Prabava's Astrotherapy - 2 hours
Abundance Exchange: RM 650


Are you stuck in you life – not knowing the reason or the root cause that is affecting your life from achieving prosperity, abundance, good health? You have been walking in circles and not knowing the solution or the solution is not effective?

In this psychic reading with Santhi, you will be:

  • Know the root cause – understanding and giving you a solution
  • Increase your consciousness – mental and emotion awareness
  • Improve your health
  • Improve your relationship – business, associate and family
  • “Unblock” all your 7 chakras (if necessary)
  • Soul lesson / lessons need to master at this present moment
  • Advise akashic reading if necessary

How does chakra blockages affects your life?

If a chakra is found “block”, she help you to reattune the chakra to the right frequency and bring back to alignment.

When a chakra is block, it will affects:

  • Our manifestation
  • Relationship
  • Health
  • Abundance

She will do healing the specific chakra and reattune your chakra to your own soul blueprint. If a cleansing remedy is required, she will customized a cleansing remedy customized for your soul and physical body to assist in what you are required.

Cleansing remedy consist of herbs, spices, flowers to help our auric body and physical body to clear all negative energies, to empower and to purify our auric body. Through time, it can help us to expand the abundance in our life.

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Akashic Reading


60 - 70mins

Abundance Exchange: RM 580

Special Intro Rate: RM 480

The Akashic Records are the individual records of soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. At the time we make the decision, to experience Life as an independent entity, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion, and action generated by that experience. That field of energy is the Akashic Records, Akashic because it is composed of Akasha (the energetic substance from which all life is formed) and Records, because its objective is to record all life experience.

By opening the Akashic Records with a Sacred Prayer, we align ourselves to the vibration to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another). The prayer works with energetic vibration to “key in” to specific “name” of the individual and carries with it god’s protection through the Masters and Teachers.

The information in the Akashic Records helps us bring our past, present and future in to the “now”. By Accessing the Akashic records, we can identify and release anything that we have created, that has become a block to our present realization of our oneness with God.

What will you receive in akashic reading?

In the akashic reading:

  • Finding out the root cause
  • Finding out addictive patterns
  • Finding out the relationship that we choose
  • Finding out our habitual responses
  • Clearing unwanted energy imprints
  • Clearing out blockages that is affecting the present life
  • How to create action in our lives instead of re-action

Before the session, its required that you prepare your sets of questions to ask the Masters, so you can know get the benefits from it.

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About Santhi S. Pachaiappan

Santhi S. Pachaiappan is the founder of Kalika Mystical Healing in Klang, Malaysia. She's a professional healer, psychic, past life and Akashic Records Consultant regression.

Her journey in spirituality started in 2012, when she got up one morning with the Blessings of the Great Goddess, the Divine Mother of the Universe, with the gift to see beyond her ability. 

In 2014 she went to an Akashic Records Retreat in Bali, where she met her humble teacher Don Ernesto, who revealed to her the essence and powerful use of Akashic Records. Just as the light of the sun removes the darkness of night, he brought out the best of the Akashic fields. Now, here she is, proudly announcing herself as an Akashic Consultant.