Gladys - The Virtues Project

Galdys - The Virtues Project

Join us in this fun and interactive session by Gladys Tan on the Virtues Project - Learn how to speak the Language of Virtues
Galdys - The Virtues Project

The Virtues Project™ is an initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life. They are the very meaning of our lives, truest expressions of our soul and the content of our character.

The strategies help us to awaken and deepen our connection with these qualities that give direction to our lives, nurture our relationships, transforms negativity, and bring passion to our purpose.


virtues logoThe Five Strategies of The Virtues Project™

Speak the Language of Virtues.

The words we use has great power to inspire or discourage. Virtues language awakens spirituality, shapes character and transform relationships with ourselves and others.

Recognise Teachable Moments.

The ability to recognising the lessons in our struggles help us to strengthen our character and lead a life of meaning and purpose.

Set Clear Boundaries.

Personal boundaries guides us to build healthy relationships, protect our time, energy, health and most importantly our dignity.

Honor the Spirit.

This strategy begins with respecting the dignity of each person and expressing what is meaningful in our lives.

Art of Companioning.

The greatest gift we have to give is our attentive presence and deep listening. This tool empower others to find their own solution with peaceful resolution.



The benefits:

  • form a new awareness, seeing virtues in ourselves and others,
  • acquire tools to sustain the life we choose,
  • raise our values for living,
  • build authentic self-esteem,
  • lead a life of passion, appreciation and mindfulness &
  • inspire others!

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About Gladys Tan


Before being a mum, I worked with two airlines and there I developed the passion to serve those around me.

I became a facilitator in 2018 after experiencing first-hand for 10 years that these strategies can be applied in all areas of one’s life. Since becoming a facilitator, I have been conducting workshops for parents and educators in Singapore and Penang.

These strategies have helped me through a few life-changing events, help me build my confidence and still is my guide to help me raise children of integrity who are contributors rather than consumers.

In today’s anxiety-ridden and stress-infused world, even a moment of quiet reflection has become a time consuming luxury for some of us. How do we take back our personal power and free ourselves from people pleasing?

My wish, with the help of attendee’s cooperation and integrity, create a space of non-judgemental and supportive to learn the skills you need to care for your emotional wellbeing that is empowering and sustainable. Just as regular exercise is helpful for building strength in our bodies, daily practice of virtues will strengthen our identities, who we are meant to be.