Edward Tan - Consciousness Restoration Course

What is Conscioussness / Collective Consciousness? How to Increase your Consciousness? What is Consciousness? How does it help you in your daily life? Join Us in this Course to know more.

Edward Tan
Edward Tan -  Collective Consciousness Course
Every Wednesday
7.15pm to 9.30pm
Language: Mandarin
Philosophy of Life
Edward Tan
Edward Tan -  Collective Consciousness Course
Every Wednesday
7.15pm to 9.30pm
Language: Mandarin
Philosophy of Life
Abundance Exchange: RM90

Weekly Commitment
RM 45 per lesson. 


expand consciousness


Nothing is Coincidence – Nor Everything happened is by Luck.

You can Transform Your own Life by Yourself – this Course will tell You Why and How.


This course is intended to raise human collective consciousness. 

Without consciousness in your life, it is very confusing and difficult to understand:
  • why you cannot reach the dreamed life
  • why your relationships aren't working
  • why you are always sick
  • why you are surrounded with undesired people
  • why bad incidents always choose you
  • why you do not have enough, etc. 

In the class– his focus is to IMPART his consciousness of life to you by revealing various unaware principles of Universe. 

What you can achieve in this course are:
  • Have a fulfilled and meaningful life.
  • Have a better quality of life by knowing how to put yourself in upward spiral.
  • Know how to live a life that flow seemingly with miracles.
  • Constant awareness of what is happening to you so that you can take action before you find yourself in downward spiral.
  • Have a deep understanding of hidden Universe principles so that you can thrive.
  • Know yourself and know the Universe.
  • Know what is within and without yourself.

You are urged to attend this once a week class for three months, if you cannot see improvement in your life, you should stop and find other alternative to take care for yourself. 

If you have improvement after three months then you are urged to continue the weekly class till one complete year (i.e. 52 topics) by then you should be independent of growing. 

Example of Topics:
Why Consciousness is the Alpha and Omega in life progress?

How to choose a spiritual teacher that benefits all?

Why you are the mind of all?

The above and below.

Why you are The One?

Why do you need to dance spiritually?

The hidden power of Boys meeting Girls.

Why you must in the Force?

How to beat it?

How to gain the power and thrive?

Where is my attractive power?

When to believe? 

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About Edward Tan
owenchowEdward Tan has been involved the healing arts for the past 21 years. For the past 10 years in UK, he ministers to 2 supports groups – drugs recovery and overcoming depression. He also does QiGong Massage and Energy Healing in the past.

His ultimate passion in life is to raise human consciousness so that one does not need to struggle in life be it financially, emotionally, mentally or physically. He does not believe one is born just to survive but thrive and having a life true to oneself, off course one must have the knowledge in order to do so.

As a coach who struggled in depression and suicidal thoughts before, he managed to overcome the challenges and found the success & peace within during his lowest point. As he reflected back, he finally understood whatever had happened has a purpose – it is a calling to let us know who we are and what have been ordained for us.

Edward strongly believes that one is able to self-master all aspects of life by understanding the life principles of the body, soul and spirit.

He is currently conducting a series of courses to raise human consciousness, so that one is able to have a happy, healthy, prosperous and lively life.

As a Therapist – he is currently offering Quantum Code Therapy, Regression Therapy, Trauma Therapy and Private Counselling for those who are stuck and need a jump start.